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Yet the hostile takeover under way here is not strictly mob related.
Two of my dinner talks started and ended in an hostile manner.
On the whole they have moved independently along separate lines, and have at times seemed indeed almost hostile to each other.
The effort would be unlikely to placate his most hostile critics.
So far, all your comments have been gratuitously critical if not downright hostile toward males.
For a Western journalist, the conditions were hostile and forbidding.
The distance was about three hundred and thirty miles through a hostile country.
Both promised to change the tone in Washington from hostile to conciliatory.
I'm not being hostile or defensive.
He behaved with hostile courtesy, as though he were afraid of coming closer to people he did not respect.
The world is no longer divided into two hostile camps.
The people who were left behind struggled to feed themselves in a landscape that had turned suddenly hostile.
As has happened too often recently, the natives could also be hostile, she warned.
Respond to a question that sounds hostile in a way that conveys empathy with the interviewer's concern.
Incidentally, these people who have expressed this opinion apparently get extremely hostile evaluations.
Students today are not hostile to the traditional values and role of journalism, they are simply unfamiliar with them.
The people intensely hostile to tenure seem not to see how much worse the alternatives are.
People who act in a hostile manner or display hostile intent.
So far, local property owners had been hostile to the idea.
The ability to put oneself in the shoes of another whose motives may be hostile certainly would be of evolutionary value.
It is incredible how hostile and arrogant people who are supposedly intelligent enough to care about science really are.
Astronauts crash land on a distant planet with a civilization of walking, talking apes that are hostile to humans.
But it wasn't done as a corporate-style hostile takeover.
Regular foot patrols were mounted to make contact with the locals and to discourage hostile approaches.
The result of this is a environment extremely hostile to outside investment.
In fact, a bit of the reaction can be downright hostile.
In addition, many of today's mergers command no premium, and are agreed rather than hostile takeovers.
Although he feels less hostile to these thinkers than to others, even their speculations are too abstract for him.
Governments do not want to rely on faraway, unstable or downright hostile countries for oil and gas.
If new regimes emerged that were more hostile to outsiders, that might have a lasting effect on production.
Brewer said that she was not hostile or disrespectful and that the president walked away in the midst of their conversation.
They are angry and hostile and take out their frustrations on others.
Now, a new study suggests that this explosive burst of diversity has been partly fuelled by rivalry between hostile males.
The evolution of these hostile relationships can escalate into a natural arms race.
He's brilliant and funny, but he's also hostile and culturally tone-deaf.
Carla, with the help of a friend, runs away from her increasingly disturbed and hostile husband.
The regime is threatened by increasingly hostile neighbors-and by determined enemies within the country's borders.
In every conceivable fashion the reigning ethos of those times was hostile to excellence in education.
What had once been regarded as hostile to children's best interests was now considered essential to adults' happiness.
All this did not stop both sides from conducting hostile propaganda and occasional acts of sabotage against each other.
Such behavior seemed to many people inexplicably withdrawn from society, and hostile to it.
Even with the atmosphere freighted with bellicosity, the threats and hostile acts keep coming.
And the stress of deployment in a hostile combat zone has a corrosive effect on discipline.
In any other context, a clenched fist would be perceived as hostile.
Army aircraft lacks a hostile fire detection system for operating within the current threat environment.
Currently, aircrews are the sole source of hostile fire identification.
With respect to her hostile environment claim, the court granted judgment to the agency.

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