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Example sentences for hostess

The hostess gave us plates of cake and bags of candy, and the clown gave me a hug.
The hostess explained that for the next course a large clay pot would be placed in the center of the long table.
As if she hijacked the plane so she could play hostess.
It also makes a terrifically easy hostess gift when poured into a sterilized jar.
His humor is torture, and his style is as fussy and clumsy as an awkward hostess.
She was giving her children a bath, but she stopped to play hostess to yet another foreign inquisitor.
Another great job is to work as a hostess in an upscale restaurant.
Suppose the host and hostess screamed with rage, threw dishes and collapsed in hysterics.
My mistake, of course, was not looking straight to the hostess for guidance.
In the unlikely event a station would broadcast such a show, the hostess would be shunned.
It is us sitting around a paltry kitchen table until any hostess would agree: it's time for lunch.
Our hostess gift counter serves our members in a variety of ways.
The hostess on duty was also responsible for gift shop sales and cleaning duties related to the gift shop.
While the hostess bends forward expectantly to offer her guest a teacake, the visitor seems to accept only reluctantly.
Perfect stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or send one to someone who has moved away.
Summer activities were planned and at the close of the evening, the hostess served lunch.
She was a competent, unpretentious, and gracious hostess even during the impeachment crisis.
Envision how it would have been to be a guest at the generous hostess' table.

Famous quotes containing the word hostess

You are retired As if you were a feasted one and not The hostess of the meeting.... more
They own Spode, Lowestoft, candelabra, Mantels, and hostess gowns, and sunburst clocks, Turtle soup, Chippe... more
Few enjoy noisy overcrowded functions. But they are a gesture of goodwill on the part of host or hostess, a... more
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