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Example sentences for hostel

There's a bargain-priced boutique hostel in the district.
To make money, he opened the town's first hostel by converting one of the rooms into a six-bed dormitory.
Instead of the usual offers of hostel places, they were simply asked what they needed to change their lives.
The cafe also runs a hiker-friendly hostel two blocks away.
We shivered ourselves warm again in the summer sun before hiking back up the mountainside to the hostel.
If a virus enters my body, in it's defense, my body will create a hostel environment by increasing my the body's temperature.
The island's hostel, run by park rangers, has almost luxury accommodations.
One way to take the edge off the cost is to book a room at a hostel or budget hotel.
The hostel is open all day and offers late check-out for guests' convenience.
Even if a hostel offers laundry facilities, they may not work well or there might be a long wait.
While this may be true in certain instances, people of any age typically can stay in a hostel.
Its white, sandy shores are replete with resort, bungalow and hostel accommodations.
Guests can use the hostel's kitchen and help themselves to free bagels and bread.
To avoid worrying about your computer when it's left behind in a hotel or hostel, take measures to protect it.
If you are staying in a hostel, you can shop at local supermarkets and prepare food in the kitchen.
Shuttle service to the park is free for hostel guests and makes two round trips daily.
Budget travelers cannot count on their guesthouse or hostel providing toilet paper for them.
The diagnosis and management of tuberculosis in common hostel dwellers.
Cottages available for overnight rental include studios, one- and two-bedroom houses, and hostel-style dormitories.
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