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When demand exceeds supply, any producer will be able to hold the world hostage.
The world has been held hostage to oil and coal producers for far too long.
They would hold the crew hostage, threaten to sink the vessel, and demand a ransom payment.
He strapped explosives to his body, and he held the children hostage.
He also held general managers hostage with his contractual demands.
But books have been held hostage offline for far too long.
Below are lists of who was killed, who escaped, and who was held hostage.
Perhaps he would be willing to grant us peace, and receive me as a hostage.
Through obstruction and corruption- these corporations have shown they can hold a country hostage.
No one gets to hold you hostage to their inability to recognize your boundaries.
Experience in committee leadership, conflict management, and hostage negotiation is a bonus.
He was with a group when rebel soldiers invaded their camp and took them all hostage.
Instead, it gives a handful of legislators the power to extort all kinds of pork by holding the state hostage.
Holding real autism research hostage is not acceptable.
Having borrowed so heavily, the firms were hostage to a withdrawal of credit on the part of their lenders.
Also, once one realizes how much somebody's life is a hostage of one's own memory, one balks at the jaws of the past tense.
Once taken hostage, he refused to speak his captors' propaganda, but he allowed everyone else to shout it to the rafters.
They are re-proving it at the moment by again threatening a government shutdown, this time by holding disaster relief hostage.
Confidence in any rebound is, therefore, hostage to the yen.
Greeks are trying to hold the world hostage to pay for their own mistakes.
Monetary policy can only balance the needs of the long- and the short-term when it's not hostage to the political process.
But then her husband, the boss of an umbrella factory, is taken hostage by striking workers.
But it is rare for them to stop the pirates boarding vessels and taking crews hostage in the first place.
The heady mood hides a flaw in this scheme to take the euro crisis hostage.
Making ransoms illegal would only add to the stress and uncertainty that hostage crews face.
Paying a ransom would only encourage more hostage-taking.
Hostage's family pleads for his life after video surfaces.
In short, the idea is to blind pirates with light so they can't fire their weapons, let alone take a commercial ship hostage.
Either way, though, the country would remain hostage to overseas producers.
He spent two months there in constant fear of a riot in which he might be seen as a valuable hostage.
The debt-ceiling showdown represents hostage-taking, plain and simple.
Postponing the final outcome makes any progress hostage to extremists on both sides.
But once awakened it is capable of slipping the lock unnoticed, padding silently down the stairs, and taking a country hostage.
It quickly suffered casualties, and some five hundred of its soldiers were taken hostage.
All writers are hostage to the expectations their best work creates.
The chances of your being kidnapped or taken hostage are small.

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