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With the large proportions came a host of health issues.
For years the steep canyon garden played host to weeds.
Some affiliated species, including many parasites, are adapted to a single host species.
Each year, two countries are pitted against each other for the cup and the right to host the next race.
Patient visitors might be able to spot a host of wading birds in this ecoregion's waterways.
We don't host the photos, so you'll have to upload it somewhere else and submit a link to it.
This place can also be used as a wedding place to host a wedding.
This mountainous ecoregion is host to a number of endemic species.
The virus cannot grow or reproduce without a host cell.
The host and guest will select questions to answer while the chat is in progress.
Adult weevils are considered strong fliers, venturing more than a half-mile in search of host trees.
Tess is a sweet, delicate hive, making her a perfect host for varroa.
The invader spreads through the host in a matter of days.
Because the emperor himself was often the host of the games, everything had to run smoothly.
It displayed itself in a host of unnatural sensations.
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The database knows when airline prices are going to change and has uncovered a host of other secrets about air travel.
These disks, called active galactic nuclei, can outshine the rest of the host galaxy.
Now the foundation is trying to identify a college to play host to the center, and to line up more money to support it.
The host chooses the theme, makes the main dish, and the rest bring additional dishes.
Some academics have made a habit of firing off angry e-mail messages to a host of recipients.
But some of the viruses adapted to evade the defenders, sickened their host mice, and multiplied in number.
The role of the professor now is part party host, part traffic cop, full-time enabler.
It is not a mosquito that sucks the blood of mammals but rather one that lives off its host plant.
Flying frogs, leaping lizards, airborne squirrels-a host of creatures employ gravity-defying means of travel.
Graphite rods inside the tube function as negative electrodes and host bacteria that stick to the rods' surfaces.
The mimic octopus is an intelligent shape changer that can impersonate a host of other animals to dodge hungry predators.
If the species is allowed to vanish, scientists believe it will foreshadow the extinction of a host of other marine species.
The new season opens with a host of bad guys vying for power.
But alongside these twin pillars of food news stand a host of other developments and trends.
So we're limited to a degree by what the host country can politically accept.
As he attempts to engage in banter, guests and host look on in puzzled confusion.
Sometimes a host country awards points to people who are willing to pay the visa's stated price.
But it won't stop him from having fun as one of the city's host or with the speculation of his new employee.
Building in the host city may push up wages and prices and crowd out investment elsewhere.
Some feed on the host's tissue directly, or hijack its molecular machinery to reproduce.
Some, particularly those that live in the gut, stop their host absorbing food.
And a host of distortions and frictions makes that harder than it should be.
The virus must copy its genes into the host cells' chromosomes before these genes can be used.
In coming years wireless will vanish entirely from view, as communications chips are embedded in a host of everyday objects.
Even if it does not come up with the goods soon, though, a host of other experiments might.
Reducing the body's ability to fight disease allows infection by a host of pathogens.
They had missed a whole host of molecules that cannot easily be metabolised.
But when the viruses hijack the process, the host can't reproduce again,.
Anytime a symbiont leaves a host, there is the unknown.
It was translated into over sixty languages and brought him a host of awards.
As the old media monopolies crumbled, a host of smaller players rushed forward, offering a new plurality of voices.
Once infected and established in the host, the virus replicates within the cell of the host in the cell's cytoplasm.
We're used to the idea of bacteria and viruses jumping from host to host and making copies of themselves.
Most of those hosts tuck in the partner cells whole in crevices or pockets among host cells.
The protein got its start on viruses, which use it to latch onto host cells and fuse to them, allowing their genes to slip in.
For example, at the sulfur electrode, each sulfur atom can host two lithium ions.
Because the vast majority of these organisms cannot grow outside their host environment, they have been difficult to study.
But there are a host of other applications where a simple flick of the hand would do.
But it also allows a host of other quantum tricks too.
There are a host of reasons for what is the perceived weak finance market for clean energy.
My host, who has an interior designer's eye, gave me a quick tour.
After the play, the host serves snacks and refreshments.
And who is able to listen once there, to listen to the other guests and to the host, and to mix it up.
Still, this was going to be uncomfortable, this reversal of the natural guest-host order.
Usually a host cell is one that has some other organism living inside of it.

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