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For example, being paid for hospitalization leads to excessive unnecessary hospitalizations.
After a brief period of hospitalization, he was released.
Some even require hospitalization or wind up with kidney failure.
Atypical age which delayed treatment until the second hospitalization.
Studies are showing that these technologies help reduce hospitalization rates and help nurses provide better care to more people.
But a skin-graft operation requires hospitalization and creates another wound at the donor site.
They visit their doctor's each year half again as often as younger people, and they require about twice as much hospitalization.
There was virtually no insurance outside of hospitalization, which was limited and heavily taxed.
Hospitals render home-care increasingly impossible-and then justify hospitalization as a benefit to the sick.
On the second day of hospitalization, more results came back.
He survived his third hospitalization and returned home healthy, with his parents.
Over the eight months of his extended hospitalization, those costs must have amounted to several hundred thousand dollars.
In some cases, hospitalization and drugs may resolve the problem.
Keep in mind that for hospitalization or skillful long-term treatment, you'll probably need to go off campus anyway.
In the direst cases, health plans will often cover a brief hospitalization to stabilize a patient's weight.
Older adults who get a flu vaccine have lower hospitalization rates than those who do not.
Some patients require hospitalization to prevent harm to others or to themselves.
The pellet lodged near her spine, requiring her hospitalization.

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