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Example sentences for hospitality

They'll treat you with unfailing hospitality, offering small tulip-shaped glasses of strong tea as a prelude to negotiation.
We're very grateful for all the hospitality you've shown," he said sarcastically.
The instinct for hospitality, the elegance of manner have not been exaggerated.
What they demand cannot be satisfied by compliant voting registrars or the fresh hospitality of restaurant owners.
We will continue to extend our hospitality to protestors and all who come to our church properties during open hours.
Other than leisure and hospitality, no sector had a particularly good month.
Leisure and hospitality, retail, and health care also improved moderately.
She occasionally accepts the hospitality of crooks, millionaires, and criminals.
Southern hospitality is rightly famous, and he may think it would be rude to condemn a visitor to hellfire.
It's chinoiserie lite-scrub bed and gelded of any heritage and hospitality.
There was no room at any inn, so people camped in the streets and squares, while the city tested its gift for hospitality.
The fall in event spending is bad news for the hospitality industry.
Information about the career technical education hospitality industry sector.

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