hospital bed in a sentence

Example sentences for hospital bed

Miller played the role of the patient, directing his avatar to lie on a hospital bed in the virtual emergency room.
She rose unsteadily from her hospital bed to greet me, a shy smile on her face.
Lester shot and killed his brother in his hospital bed.
Roy was sitting in a chair to the left of the hospital bed, holding my hand.
But not before she had called a lawyer from her hospital bed.
He devised a way of moving a patient from a stretcher to a hospital bed with the minimum of discomfort.
She was shackled to a hospital bed until the final phase of labour.
Slipping back into oblivion, she awakes later in her hospital bed, troubled by her frightening experiences.
The sleep room, with a hospital bed and blackout curtains, seems to them an inviting haven.
Two days earlier, a governor's commutation-effective immediately-had been handed to him at his hospital bed.
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