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The aquarium even has a turtle hospital to treat injured sea turtles.
Gridlocked cities are unable to ship goods around or deliver people to hospital, and it's important that those things take place.
If they were in the hospital getting treated the prayer didn't have anything to do with denial of treatment.
The officers dropped him off at a local hospital but did not secure medical attention for him there.
It is also cheaper to house the mentally ill behind bars than in a state hospital.
Suffering from a concussion, a motorcyclist insisted on being married before going to the hospital.
He spent the night following the game in a hospital.
In the end, my dad was fine and never had to go to the hospital.
Most dirt poor farmers with cancer in those days ended up in the poor ward in a state or city hospital.
They took her to a village clinic and to a rural hospital.
Much of what happens to you in the hospital in the name of diagnosing and healing is invasive.
After spending the night in a hospital room, someone walked me over to another building a couple of blocks away.
Protesters split into groups, stationed near prominent downtown locales: the cemetery, lighthouse and hospital.
Even the best patients spend a week in the hospital and require two months or three months to recuperate.
No one knows how much time elapsed between the injury and when he was brought to a hospital.
Generally, when someone is in critical condition or deceased, it is the hospital or police who notifies next of kin.
She's rushed to a manatee hospital and placed in a hot private pool to get her body temperature back up to normal.
Often the response to the bill from a hospital can be more traumatic than the visit itself.
The other half will get a routine treatment of transfusion with saline solution until they reach the hospital.
She realized that her left arm had been bitten by a shark and she was rushed to the hospital.
If possible, think back to a time you or a loved one had to be in a hospital for a significant amount of time.
It is building a state-of-the-art teaching hospital as well as reportedly the largest student-services hall in the world.
We are not speaking of a nurse who works on contract who might have the option to work in another hospital in the same town.
My dad's been in the hospital for more than a month.
Perhaps there will have been no advances in hospital food in the future.
On an island without a hospital, it's an extremely serious injury.
He got a staph infection that brought him to the hospital, and anyone visiting his room had to scrub first with disinfectant.
After one night in the local hospital, he was released with no permanent damage.
Denial is common at the hospital because patients are often afraid they will receive lesser care for self-inflicted wounds.
Hours after returning to the hospital, his condition deteriorated abruptly.
Because they're mainly confined to paper, they can't be easily transferred from one physician or hospital to another.
He was evacuated to a field hospital, where a surgeon removed a piece of metal from the back of his head.
Two million hospital patients contract infections each year.
In the past two years the names of two hospital trusts have been seared into the public consciousness.
The abrupt change of plan follows a difficult year for the firm's hospital business.
Three factors-drugs, hospital care and administrative costs-used to account for an outsized share of the growth.
He was then taken to the adjacent police hospital, where he declared a state of emergency.
He spent four months in hospital with injuries including a broken hip bone.
At the bottom of the supply chain come hospital mortuaries, funeral parlours, body snatchers-and now murderers.
They will now have hospital visitation rights, access to health insurance, tax deductions and relief from estate taxes.
Over the years regulations have developed to limit the hours of hospital interns and residents.
The hospital staff wears masks to prevent infection.
Hospital-borne infections are all too common, with more and more strains developing resistance to standard antibiotic treatments.
Trauma patients who came in to the hospital drunk were discharged sooner, too.
We decided to go to hospital to find out what has happened.
It's also the idea that a group of people in an ordinary hospital could do something so enormously complex.
He started a kind of sit-down strike, and ended up in a mental hospital briefly.
Rocky got himself to a hospital, but not the right hospital, so the eye could not be saved.
He was found muttering incoherently in a gutter there, and admitted to the hospital where he died.
Drug reps are still easy to spot in a clinic or hospital, but for slightly different reasons.
Public-security officials asked them to come to the hospital for a few quick tests.
Twice she had to be admitted to the hospital because she could not keep any liquids or anti-retroviral medications down.
She was admitted to hospital after a knife fight involving her, a former lover and a new boyfriend.
His hospital uses phage therapy to combat drug- resistant microbes.
But your hospital might not be able to afford a scan machine yet.
Medical students would have seen hospital autopsies before, but forensic dissections were something quite different.
So although you are right in saying that everybody's doing it, it's a hospital-based procedure that is unregulated.
Agonising pain in the back, go to hospital, get told it's almost certainly a kidney stone.
Slipping back into oblivion, she awakes later in her hospital bed, troubled by her frightening experiences.
Let's apply this to a theoretical test using hospital patients undergoing some kind of procedure.
The more wired the hospital, the better off its patients: there are fewer deaths and complications, and lower bills.
The purported benefits: fewer hospital visits, better care, and much lower costs.
The first thing the agent sent me to was an acting audition for a part on a children's hospital show.
When he was taken to the hospital for injuries, a fake name was used.
There are a lot of reasons hospital-based doctors disagree with midwifery.

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