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On campuses elsewhere, officials have been more hospitable.
Sweaty socks and warm, damp sports shoes provide equally hospitable environments.
Others lie on the mountain's lower flanks, where conditions may be more hospitable for life.
There, these pioneers could find a hospitable planet to settle.
Second, you may be able to build one that is even more hospitable to intelligence than this one.
Growing edibles inevitably means growing snails, especially because our garden is organic and hospitable to wildlife.
It has had its teachers, and has been hospitable enough to touring ballet troupes.
Such conditions may have been more hospitable to life.
We eagerly await a scientific paper on whether such sunlight would be particularly hospitable to vampires.
Some places will become more hospitable to people and agriculture.
The mild climate represented in this section is hospitable to a diverse number of plants.
To begin with, cyberspace is not that hospitable to monetary transactions.
Hosting an astonishing array of living things, our hospitable planet is becoming less so for many species.
If worse comes to worse, we'll see what we've always seen, a migration of humans to more hospitable environments.
And the arid portions of the country will not become any more hospitable than they are now.
It shows what's possible when you have a hospitable climate and a creative, dedicated band of home growers.
It would also seem likely to produce a less hospitable environment.
The restaurant is hoping to hire people who do not have to pretend to be hospitable.
In every country people could not have been more hospitable or generous.
But as the area grows more welcoming to terns, it becomes that much less hospitable to salmon.
There are no villages-there's nothing hospitable about the region.
The spores will find a hospitable environment to start developing in the rain soaked forest.
Get him out and active, and you should have a more hospitable dog on your hands.
From the minute you met someone, they were genuinely warm and hospitable.
They are crowding a landscape that has become ever more hospitable to gambling.
It will also strike them as odd, for their frigid mountains are hardly a hospitable home for such denizens of the tropics.
Though courteous and hospitable, the commanders expressed ugly views.
It was perfectly plausible that they would have sent expeditions westward in search of more hospitable land.
Not so much with poetry so far, because e-books are not hospitable to poetry yet, though it will unquestionably happen.
Species that can migrate have begun to move into regions where temperatures and humidity are more hospitable.
Familiar with squalor and hospitable to vulgarity, his mind was yet tenanted by sorrow, a place of midnight wrestlings.
Egyptians are mostly unfailingly hospitable and happy to talk.
Yet many animals find such sites quite hospitable, and they thrive on the consistent water quality and temperatures.
The result will be a hotter world that is less hospitable to humans.
Space is not an environment hospitable to human life.
For the majority of the population, they do not live in conditions that are hospitable to plague.
Global warming only twists the knife by making usual stopover sites even less hospitable.
Then play with the other factors to speed it up such as making it warmer, breathable and hospitable.
In some ways, the universe in the future may be more hospitable to life than it is today.
Travelers throughout the world have always sought hospitable places to rest and eat.
The area's heaviest visitation is in the summer, when the weather is more hospitable for sightseeing and outdoor adventure.
Smaller, regional rail companies are more hospitable, setting regulations that allow pets to accompany people.
It is a place where you can find hospitable surroundings, good food, good drink and friendly conversation.
During hospitable weather, guests may also chose to dine outside next to a fountain.
It appears that they lived there during a warm interglacial period where the weather was slightly more hospitable.
None of this makes the moon a wellspring, and it would have a long way to go before it became a remotely hospitable place.
Nor, while hospitable to the authors of the city's civilization, was he ungrateful to the instruments of her prosperity.
After a day or two of hospitable entertainment, he dismissed them.
The resulting softness in business sales and profits also made the environment for capital spending less hospitable.
River otter and other aquatic mammals also find the marsh hospitable.

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