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Example sentences for hospice

Patients and their families too often hesitate to call hospice.
But this support was supposed to be short-term, not continuous: a central bank should be an emergency room, not a hospice.
Now they are setting up hospice to come into th house.
For those who never will, there is a hospice in the countryside.
There was a hospice nurse in the room, and morphine.
My stepfather had hospice in place when he was dying of lung cancer.
There's chemotherapy and diagnostic imaging and hospice care and drug design.
The patient must be advised on alternative options, such as hospice care.
The papers reported that he was receiving hospice care.
So for an endangered species the zoo may be more of a hospice than a rehabilitation center.
After several meetings, one clergy member who had been working with hospice patients offered his experience.
Doctors must become more receptive to referring patients to a hospice, and families or caregivers need to support the process.
And they are not referred to hospice until their final days.
Hospice provides comfort care which emphasizes the control of pain and other symptoms when a cure is not possible.
Hospice programs for the terminally ill stress relief of pain and uncomfortable symptoms as opposed to curative care.
Hospice care is meant to supplement the care provided by the patient's caregiver.
List of hospice providers organized by county served.
That's what families across the country are telling hospice organizations, which tend to patients at the end of life.
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