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But in order to tell a story more complicated than squirting a gardener with a hose, directors had to resort to longer movies.
Trousers and coats supplanted doublets and hose, and the change in costume was not more extreme than the change in social ideas.
You'll need a hose clamp to control the flow rate through the tubing and nozzle.
Sometimes there are kinks or that rolling the hose crimps it.
Don't send the children out to play in the back yard unless you have a hose by the door.
Connect the hose to a plastic bag, and tape the bag around your wound, several inches away.
Run a length of hose from the muffler to the interior of the cars cabin.
Communication wires also are coupled to the hose, and a data network monitors and controls the pumps.
It is then drawn into a rubber hose and into a mouthpiece from which it is inhaled.
When you get back in the car, you pick up static electricity, which can start a fire when you pull out the hose.
Currents dissipate in these virtual lakes the way a stream of water from a hose melts into a full swimming pool.
The blaze out, the firemen threw aside their hose and pried open the door with a crowbar.
They're long tubes made of perforated or porous plastic or rubber,with hose fittings at one or both ends.
Most lawns are watered by sprinklers--either the hose-end sort or those that are part of a fixed system.
Use soaker hoses or a regular hose set for a slow soak.
Clean water comes through a self-coiling hose that's fed by a ground-level hose bib under the table.
Before planting, test out possible outlines for your border with a rope or hose.
To firm loose gravel, he watered it with a hose and allowed it to harden overnight.
If you have spider mites, blast their webs apart with a jet of water from a hose and follow up with a spray of insecticidal soap.
Allow a hose to trickle slowly and move it periodically over several hours.
Water pressure in the line drops the farther it is from the hose bib.
Or use a bubbler attachment on the hose, moving it as needed.
Whether you water by drip or by hose, water long enough to moisten the entire root area.
Don't use your thumb to direct water from a bare hose end.
Before bringing a potted tree indoors, water it thoroughly and hose off the foliage.
Each hose can be expanded and contracted independently.
Second, even if you were somehow able to hose them, you wouldn't get away with it.
Residents are forbidden to use water to wash down paths and pavements, or to use a hose without an automatic shut-off valve.
The troopers used whips, horses, a hose wrapped in barbed wire.
The boatswain and a mate trained a fire hose on the plate, and the mud came down in curtains.
The beatings were combined with the use of cold water, which was poured over me using a hose-pipe.
In the case of plumbing, a sensor is connected to the hose spigot on the side of a house.
To experience the freedom of staying underwater without scuba requires learning how to breathe using an air hose.
Use a hose splitter to route lengths of hose along all branches of the trench.
Sprinkle each layer with water from a hose or watering can and check it every few days.
Attach a spray nozzle on the hose and direct a high-pressure stream of water on the undersides of leaves.
Use a broom to clean your patio, walk and driveway instead of a hose.
Sweep outdoor areas clean instead of spraying them with a hose.
The fish is kept breathing on deck by inserting a hose of salt water into its mouth.
The hydration hose keeps the shark's gills hydrated to keep it alive.
Wash your bicycle or your family's car with a bucket and sponge rather than using a hose for the entire operation.
In time they found a hose and someone drew the short straw and was sent to suck a few liters from the other tank.
Wash your car with a pail of water or turn the hose off between rinses.
Barrels range in size and can be equipped with a spigot or hose for easy use.
It sounded, he said later, as if someone had turned a fire hose on his roof.
We have learned the hose is the only way to break him off.
Moments later a backup arrived, with another, bigger hose.
She stopped the car, put the hose back by the pump and started driving away.
For leg pain caused by varicose veins, elevate the leg and wear elastic bandages or support hose.
Wear clean, dry socks or nonbinding panty hose every day.
Finding a hose long enough for the job was a big challenge.
They maneuver a round yellow manifold with four nozzles into the cowling, then connect a hose to the tank of hot water.
Make sure you've got a flexible hose, rotating brushes, and a wand for pulling fur off upholstery.
He then quickly unwound a high pressure hose and aimed the jet at the attackers, forcing them to withdraw.
That's too long, and besides, any appreciable volume of photos would hose a cellular network.
He had connected a hose from a tank of helium gas to a bag taped around his head.
Wear elastic support hose during your ride or flight.
Use your automatic sprinkler system and a mini-soaker hose to water plants that can endure spending time outdoors.
Many have a screen to keep out debris such as leaves and a spigot to which you can attach a hose for watering your lawn.
If your travel trailer has a freshwater holding tank, you will need a water hose designated for freshwater only.
When it rains or you spray the windows with a hose, the remaining residue is supposed to wash away without streaking.
When washing your car, turn off water hose in-between rinses.
No longer will you find a watering hose stretched across the first green, as was the case on a summer afternoon a few years back.
Washing your bike or car with a bucket and sponge instead of a hose saves a lot of water.
With protection from hose lines, several attempts were made by the engine and rescue company crews to reach the second floor.
Marine hose is a flexible rubber hose used to transport oil between tankers and storage facilities and buoys.
The standard vinyl garden hose has substances added to it in order to keep it flexible.
Marine hose is a flexible rubber hose used to transfer oil between tankers and storage facilities and/or buoys.
The following items represent an index of the tactical effectiveness of hose lines:.

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