horticulture in a sentence

Example sentences for horticulture

Geology and horticulture students took field trips in that ethereal realm rather than explore and grow in inclement weather.
Growing large crops in small spaces by the king of the no-dig, no-weed method of horticulture.
All dig you deeper into the art and craft of horticulture.
He is working on his master's degree in horticulture.
The study detects a shift from field crops towards higher-value horticulture and livestock farming.
The government has also successfully encouraged tobacco farming and horticulture.
She also has a well-developed and somewhat wicked sense of humor, a trait sometimes absent in the world of horticulture.
He gained all the medals and other honours that horticulture can grant.
Even those uninitiated in horticulture can tell the difference based on the respective shape of their leaves.
His interests included golf, horticulture and photography.
And the horticulture was designed to bloom cyclically, so you can walk the promenade every week and see something different.
In horticulture there are a handful of ardent souls who exist solely to glorify a certain species.
In college he majored in horticulture and minored in beekeeping.
Applicants need to have either completed course work or have acquired practical experience in horticulture or a related field.
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