horticultural in a sentence

Example sentences for horticultural

Deciding which kind to use may depend on your horticultural situation.
Horticultural oils made from minerals, fish and plants cause respiratory collapse in soft-bodied insects and mites.
Maybe he would win a prize in the horticultural show.
Gerberas are horticultural stars based on appearance alone, but they have another virtue that has nothing to do with good looks.
The shop is filled with many horticultural gems for every season.
Bordering a garden with pleached trees or an aerial hedge is a centuries-old horticultural practice.
The construction master plan includes numerous specialty gardens, a horticultural center and a visitor center.
These gardens offer horticultural activities, craft projects and workshops on caring for and planting gardens.
The basic claims of the horticultural nativists seem to fall into two categories.
Dairy, meat and horticultural export earnings have soared.
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