horseshoe crab in a sentence

Example sentences for horseshoe crab

Chances are you owe your life to the horseshoe crab.
Some other living fossils include the coelacanth, the horseshoe crab, and the nautilus.
Horseshoe crab eggs provide an important food source for migrating shorebirds.
The goal for this lesson is for students to learn more about the horseshoe crab as a valuable resource in an estuary.
Hundreds of thousands of shorebirds converge on this ecologically significant region to feast on the eggs of the horseshoe crab.
Horseshoe crab blood can also be used to help human blood to clot.
Participating teachers were provided with the raising equipment, an activity guide and horseshoe crab eggs.
The horseshoe crab, actually an arthropod, makes its home around the shore and marshes.
The table below lists the times and dates for the day and night horseshoe crab surveys for this year.
The horseshoe crab is used in vision studies, because their complex eye structure is similar to the human eye.
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