horseshoe in a sentence

Example sentences for horseshoe

The tasters sit in clusters of three around tables arranged in horseshoe shape.
Follow the arc of that horseshoe and the cliffs peer over you all the way, forbidding and beckoning at once.
Some paleontologists even suggested that they were from the shell of a creature resembling a horseshoe crab.
The seifs themselves can break up and form the horseshoe-shaped dunes called barchans.
It yielded--as the sun sank lower and a touch of cool began to pervade the airy horseshoe.
The form of the theatre, a huge horseshoe shape, ensured that this was so.
The restrooms were in a horseshoe-shaped blind alley.
Early on, horseshoe crabs were harvested primarily for fertilizer and animal feed.

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If the horseshoe sinks, then drink it.... more
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