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In a four-in-hand the two horses on the left side of the coachman are the near wheeler and the near leader.
Riding the only thing that princes ever do well because horses are no flatterers.
Neither these nor the sea horses: running with the clocks of the moon.
Their horses died with fatigue, and their provisions were at an end.
They came riding on white horses, two noble-looking brothers.
When the land is cultivated entirely by the spade, and no horses are kept, a cow is kept for every three acres of land.
Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as a whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles.
Don't let the horses' hooves lull you to sleep or you'll miss the snowcapped peaks and evergreen forests.
Under a pale blue morning sky, a string of horses heads across an untracked meadow dusted with snow.
Some saddle up horses for a morning ride over the rolling green hills.
Lisa turned the trough for horses she once owned into a water garden.
Store sells everything from rainy-day outerwear to nursery stock to hay for horses.
The horses were even as they entered the stretch, and the crowd rose as the two jockeys started whipping their mounts.
The stable housed horses-some of a different color-with carts before them.
As a farmer, he has shunned the use of tractors and plowed his land with a team of horses.
Feathered dinosaurs, white-coated horses, giant redwoods and more.
Dogs and horses can learn to respond to vocal commands, and some apes can be taught a primitive sign language.
People rode horses, but they also drove pick-up trucks.
The races must have been spectacular for people who were accustomed to thinking of horsepower in terms of actual horses.
At the same time he was almost run down by fellow officers on horses who charged the crowd.
The term refers to horses chosen for their coloring, build and calm temperament.
More fundamentally, the key commodities in the trade-horses and mules-were ubiquitous and essential to everyday life.
Sometimes villains genuinely do not know that their behavior is illegal as well as immoral and frightening to the horses.
His best chum has a mum who is an alcoholic and a dad who is interested only in the horses and his club.
There will be solid critical thinking on that last point, but nothing that will upset the horses.
Adjuncts as work horses of higher ed is a relatively new setup.
Domesticated horses graze along a dirt road outside of the town center.
Horses had shinbones the size of chicken drumsticks.
When you first enter the cave, on the upper part of the left wall and on to the ceiling is a series of horses.
He has put gold leaf on walls, and ceilings, and even statues of winged horses.
Newspapers across the country published pictures of one of its cars being towed to a dealer by four bedraggled horses.
But the noise in the background was the unmistakable sound of horses being traded.
When their small ship sailed, they shared it with their horses.
As a share of the trips people take, horses have become insignificant.
It would seem that putting a robot onto a bike would be a pointless exercise akin to putting gas-powered horses before a carriage.
They first did this with real horses, but they said the data was not convincing.
That's because horses are faster than they used to be.
In addition, they hunted wild cattle, pigs and horses and made use of many wild plants.
The saving is about one-fourth of the cost, in comparison with horses.
Horses and bison disappeared from the region, although populations of those animals survived in other parts of the world.
It is fine to start stimulus to sectors to improve technologies but this is similar to breeding fast race horses.
There are infinitely more abused and cramped horses in the world than there are killer whales.
Dogs and horses, too-everyone stands on the pavement, soaking up rays.
Chickens cross the road without anyone asking why, and campesinos on burros and horses trot along the shoulders.
The upper bays are highways now, and huge horses smoke at their nostrils as they draw the piled beechwood over the water.
The horse raft was simply a log raft onto which they loaded the horses they might need to haul stranded logs into the water.
In mortuary rituals, warriors were buried with their chariots and horses.
Horses, experimental subjects of the agriculture department, munch clover in the field outside his window.
Pigs, sheep and horses have the same ability, but cats and dogs do not.
They may have been driven from their land because the cold weather meant their horses had less to eat.
The two divers have discovered mastodons at six sites as well as small horses, giant tapirs, and giant sloths.
Carts not pulled by horses quickly come to a halt, and so do ships with furled sails.
The number of accidents from pythons and humans are miniscule, especially when compared to deaths by domestic dogs and horses.
We as scientist needs to get off our high horses and not criticize every bit of unimportant detail that isn't referred correctly.
We know it was flying into heavy thunderstorms, and in this case when you hear hoofbeats you think horses, not zebras.
Not so different from the pinto coloration in horses which is conceded to be a trait implicit in tameness.
When he was fourteen, he started riding spoiled and unbroke horses.
He built a play corral of mud and broken miner's candle stems, and placed inside the rocks that were his horses.
It closed a month ago with forty nominations, but only five horses ran.
Discusses his more overtly political sculptures of the early eighties and his growing interest in horses.
The constant movement of the birds made some of the horses skittish.
The troopers used whips, horses, a hose wrapped in barbed wire.
But by the time he was eighteen he had advanced from pilfering eggs and potatoes to stealing horses.
Writers are not jockeys, books are not horses, and readers are not punters.
Mallets are swung wildly and horses are never changed.
No agriculture was practiced, only the raising of large herds of cattle and horses.
The road into town is crowded with old carts full of wood and bricks and pulled by thin horses or even by people.
But precisely because each element works so well on its own, the novel as a whole falls between two horses.
Nobody was on his left or right, and horses feel better in packs.
One of the artist's few recreations is playing the horses.
She says she walked into the garden, and there were horses running around the field, all lit up.
If you don't know exactly how to control those horses, the car will be in spin in no seconds.
Here's what they do with dead horses in the rest of the world: they eat them.

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