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Example sentences for horseless carriage

While cars of the future get a lot of ink, engineers keep improving the original horse for the horseless carriage.
Animal names for cars are nearly as old as the horseless carriage itself, but today there are surprisingly few.
The legend is that the first car race happened the first time one horseless carriage met another on the road.
There were, for example, a lot of complaints about the horseless carriage.
The horse drawn carriage had some influence on the early design of the first horseless carriage.
Before the electric car became the transport of tomorrow, it was the horseless carriage of yesteryear.
After the horseless carriage comes the driverless one.
The vehicle cannot be restored and reregistered unless it qualifies as either a horseless carriage or historical vehicle.
The restored license plate may be used instead of a collector vehicle license plate or horseless carriage license plate.

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