horsehair in a sentence

Example sentences for horsehair

Excellent acoustics, a wide stage visible from every corner of the room, and a horsehair and tire-sprung hardwood dance floor.
Horsehair padding in the pew cushions has also survived through years of use and reupholstering.
The ancients believed that an eel grew from a single horsehair dropped in the water.
Their brains, intestines, and other organs had been removed and the corpses sewn up with horsehair.
Made of real horsehair, they can be dyed and tightly woven into a band.
Carry out a final buffing with a horsehair shoe-polishing brush, making sure to brush over the entire surface.
The horsehair-covered chairs in the dining room scratched his legs.
Feathers, horsehair and skin were treated in this way.
The interior of the house features heart-of-pine floors, horsehair plaster walls, chair rails and heavily decorated mantels.
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