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Obviously, not everyone is close to a race track, nor will everyone find horse racing an enjoyable pastime.
Look at pictures and download miniature horse wallpaper.
As advertised, he produced a series of photographs showing the horse virtually stride by stride.
In the latest episode of scientific gene-twisting, a horse births a foal cloned as her genetic twin sister.
Pol receives an emergency call from a client who finds her horse down and fears he may not make it.
Usually, one tries to pick a film reviewer who does not have a hobby horse to ride.
They set out together in a buggy with a single horse.
Planning a menu in advance of planting the menu puts the cart before the horse.
Meet the pari-mutuel fund managers who are redefining horse racing.
If airlines ask their customers what they want, they'll opt for a more comfortable horse.
It's curious that we're taught to mount a horse from the left.
Our changing understanding of horse evolution provides another instructive example.
These creatures are being pursued by a high-tech wrangler who has traded a horse for a helicopter.
His agent would announce that he would take on all comers at the local horse track, a dirt oval found in almost every village.
They also had the same prey animals available to them, such as reindeer and horse.
We are creating a menagerie instead of the all horse type.
On that time scale, cart and horse are uncertain at best.
It bothers me to be out trying to walk in it, or ride the horse.
Cars were a good idea to replace the horse and buggy, but not a good idea any more.
In her previous career, as a horse trainer, she gave some of them riding lessons.
They make the legs itch and then will hatch spontaneously when a horse licks the itch.
But an election that had seemed a soporific canter has suddenly turned into a horse race.
After a seven-hour walk in the forest, this horse is taking a break.
So, the utilitarian-inspired mechanical horse instead became a fancy toy for aristocrats and the rising bourgeoisie.
But this is a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.
They were regarded as the premier horse thieves of the plains.
But as attention shifts towards the presidential horse race, the parties will start to matter less.
At first, a knife and an old shirt were enough to purchase a horse.
It was a horse carriage modified with two electric motors running the chain drive that moved the rear wheels.
Bob and his colleagues set out to disprove the maxim that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.
Shareholders will be voting mainly on the previous year's awards, long after the horse has bolted.
The horse replaced the cow, the combine harvester the horse.
But innovating the way industry does today-where problems go in search of solutions-is putting the cart before the horse.
And my toenails would be little pink ocean shells, which they would have to stoop down off their high horse to kiss.
He testified that the bulk of this money was bet on horse racing through bookies.
In equestrian circles, they say a horse overreaches when its hind legs extend so far forward they kick the forelegs.
Watt's first steam locomotive could barely keep up with horse drawn rail carriages.
Energy will be a personal problem of how far your horse will go in a day.
Human beings, in physical terms, can be outrun by a horse.
As they say, this one is straight from the horse's mouth.
It was on one such occasion the horse was frightened by the cheers and threw him.
He set out a cane patch, horse bananas, and the usual vegetables.
Five minutes later, riding down the ridge, their father halted his horse.
They fitted selected residents with period clothes and called forth a parade of horse-drawn conveyances.
The horse he was riding was an uncomfortable horse and he was riding it with courage and care.
That's what you want to know when you train a dog or ride a horse or try to catch a barnyard goose.
They were the remains, it seems, of an australopithecine meal of three-toed-horse steak and antelope tongue.
If you don't want to ride on the horse, you can ride in the car.
Bags of gold, silver, and paper currency arrived here by horse-drawn vans and were carted upstairs to the vaults.
Thou- sands of good simple folk who are aiming for the vegetable tent find themselves in the path of an oncoming horse.
He is riding a horse and suddenly is sure that the horse is his father but the horse bolts and runs away.

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