horror story in a sentence

Example sentences for horror story

Poe pioneered the psychological horror story, the detective story, and the emerging genre of science fiction.
But to be worthy of consideration as a graduate-advising horror story, some sort of extreme behavior must be involved.
Everyone you know who's been there before has a horror story to tell and nothing can prevent them from sharing that tale of woe.
PR firms could use this example as a horror story to convince prospective clients of the importance of good public appearances.
The first was a horror story with comic interludes, the second a romance with recurrent nightmares.
Every resident has a horror story about being caught unprepared in the weather.
Two coeds discover a hot sorority house is hiding a sinister secret in this horror story.
Begin by asking how many students have read a horror story or seen a horror movie.
Divorce is a particularly unsettling event that often leads to the kind of horror story you mention.
Ask them to read as if they were recounting a horror story around a campfire.
Don't be alarmed if you hear an occasional horror story.
Sometimes, applicants will want to tell you something bad, negative or some other horror story about a current or past employer.
For every horror story you hear or read about, there are hundreds that go unreported.
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