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Uncontrollable feelings of fear and horror can overwhelm sufferers.
Horror manifests the primal fear: loss of will, helplessness.
Horror movies have never not had a following, of course.
For the past few years the independent film business has resembled a low-budget horror movie.
Never underestimate the eagerness of schlock horror filmmakers to go for the easy direct-to-video cash grab.
The photo below shows a few square inches of the horror.
With horror or movies of the supernatural, there is still a stigma in the critical community.
They spare gift-givers the strain of choosing anything specific, and recipients the horror of having to keep the result.
Poe pioneered the psychological horror story, the detective story, and the emerging genre of science fiction.
Homework horror stories are as timeworn as school bullies and cafeteria mystery meat.
We all know the horror of having too many home-grown tomatoes.
We would call astro-horror a subset sci-fi horror proper, which has much wider parameters.
Although it's beautiful, this picture really conveys the raw horror of hunger.
The quadratic equation may have instilled horror in many of us.
Some people shut their eyes or clench the arms of their chair when they are watching a horror movie.
In fact, let's use published horror stories as our main basis for deciding what does and doesn't work.
Drops of sweat soaked his face, contorted in an expression of horror.
What he uncovers has become the building blocks of today's horror genre.
And it is understandable why a building which has experienced unusual horror and violence to be torn down.
The secret creeping evil toxic fantasy is the thing of horror films, not reality.
Mixed in with our grief and horror there was guilt and anger.
Five hundred years ago, the last great pyramid-building civilization descended into a world of unimaginable horror.
The terror and horror that must have been felt by people on the ground is calmly replaced by our fascination and speculation.
Horror stories abound about poisoned water supplies and miners.
Still, my body does not quake in pain and horror as before.
To catch the majesty and horror of fire as you did in this photo is magnificent.
Apart from the horror stories of predation, there is one funny anecdote.
If all goes well, you can entertain your new friends at dinner parties with academic horror stories from your previous gig.
But the major part was the horror of the tenure track.
If you are still looking for that first job, ask some of your favorite professors to share their horror stories.
Moreover, the department culture generally has its share of horror stories.
And senior officers had lied in an attempt to cover up the horror.
With news dribbling out from stricken coastal communities, the scale of the horror is still sinking in.
Between the horror picture and this target were two to eight neutral pictures.
But his own views were more moderately right-wing, extending to a liking for law and order and a horror of the metric system.
Now the emergency is over, the full horror of a banking system that is too big to fail is becoming ever more apparent.
They face shifting climates, varying food supplies and--horror of horrors--antibiotics.
Horror, memory, education and livelihood commingle at the site.
Phantom arms, legs, fingers and toes: seemingly the stuff of horror movies.
It's all good and well until the horror stories start pouring in.
Without the deaths, shock, horror or immediate consequences.
There was, instead, the beginning of a kind of willed forgetfulness of the horror of those years.
And then realizing, with mock horror, that she had less than an hour to dress for the night ahead.
Some react with horror, others wish for a gift shop.
It's a horror scenario, but one that's mounted without the trashy thrills provided by lesser moviemakers.
The result has been described as a vegetarian horror movie, not something you see every day.
Horror is a genre obsessed with the evil daddy-thing.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
Most important, though, is creating individual moments of horror.
He is singularly unafraid to acknowledge violence and horror.
He said sure, and to my horror sat down two feet away to watch.
We all watched in horror as the residential mortgage market collapsed over the past few years.
He's wrong on both counts, but his horror is both understandable and justified.
Most veterans knew the honor they had earned, even as they knew better than anyone else the horror of the war.
The reader must consciously take a step backward to realize why these events are accompanied by a vague sense of horror.
At the novel's center, too, is the horror of a lynching.
But weapons simultaneously make anger lethal and reduce the horror of direct encounter.
For a single second they stare at each other, blankly, and then the horror gathers.
His head swam with the horror of it, the terror of it.
At the end of that day of horror, he could scarcely stand.
Signs of an ancient horror lie buried in the southwestern desert.
Suddenly, and to the collective horror of those in attendance, he began to laugh.
And therein lies the peculiar and precise horror of parasites.
And in modern psychiatric parlance, the long-lasting residue of horror is called post-traumatic stress disorder.
But the horror of the problem, and maybe my guilt about okaying the surgery, quickly chilled any self- congratulation.
With this in mind, imagine their confusion and horror at being told about non-zero heritability.
They produce a few chewy bites of delicious optimism or delicious horror, and then they're gone.
Wow, this beats out even parasitic wasps as a real life scifi horror.
To my horror a lot of the bright students had failed the exam.
And in no way suggestive of future scifi-horror movies.
The addiction memoir can fulfill the same cathartic function as the horror movie.
At its best, it's a disturbing entanglement of delirious smut and devastating horror.
The book has a lightness to its horror, and a brevity, and can be easily closed up and put away.
The movie maps the power dynamic of a romance that begins in peace and ends in horror.
Conversely, when poverty-minded superiors are allowed to let their own medical problems go untreated, people profess horror.
In the name of humanity please help us expose and curb the horror.
Weirdly, she helped to make ends meet by running a shop that sold snakes-but had a horror of them.
To their horror, as the curtain falls, there is a ghastly applause.
You've got to remove yourself from that horror or you would never be able to do the job.
Only at the end does he understand the full horror of her transformation.
The story edges near to diatribe in its horror of insensate patriotic fury.
There is no way to confront that horror aesthetically.
They hover between being lively sculptural presences and props from a horror movie.
What has changed is that the horror is so much better known.
Afterward, both nations memorialized the horror with a meticulousness and an artistry never before seen.

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