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He horrified his companions by demanding ordinary food and refusing to continue his mortifications.
Hardly had he finished when a horrified spectator informed him of his offense in eating the meal of the chief.
So they proceeded with an infinite guile that would have horrified her parents.
They were much horrified at my having entered one of their churches out of mere curiosity.
Responses to the original post ranged from the curious to the horrified.
When the war began, he found that he was horrified by the violence and in constant fear of dying.
The waiter, still standing there, was obviously horrified.
His tactics are almost unnecessarily brutal and the dreamer is horrified.
The vast majority of the public would be horrified and scandalized in my opinion.
The technician who came out was horrified and demanded her contact info so that she would fix the wiring.
Management was horrified, but there is no justification for ignoring the principle of equal pay for equal work.
It horrified me to witness this loss of their youths and struggles they faced on their own.
But when he came back a month later, he was horrified.
He was both horrified and gratified by what his genie wrought.
Horrified by the team's lack of ambition, she sets it the goal of reaching the high-school championships.
Policymakers are horrified by this level of intervention and terrified about withdrawing it.
Environmentalists in particular were horrified at his company's hostility to land-use and clean-air laws.
It's funny to watch monetarists be so utterly horrified at people who don't agree with monetarism.
Horrified reviewers receive advances with these accounts read aloud.
Steve's friends noted his silence and were horrified.
Although surgery horrified him, he loved the adrenaline of it.
The family was horrified and demoralized by their new father.
Dulcie was horrified, the gloves confirming her suspicions about disease.
Horrified, she has a breakdown, fleeing the family and leaving her children to debate what has gone wrong.
When you think about what he's getting away with you are horrified.
Horrified by what they perceived as an existential threat, businesses stopped buying equipment and postponed expansion.
The clerk is horrified at his error until the robber regains consciousness.
Few kinds of transport accidents are the subject of such horrified fascination as plane crashes.
At the time, various people were horrified at the casual invocation of this kind of violent rhetoric.
If a lion could talk, we'd probably be horrified at what it would say.
They were horrified and immediately junked my shocking contribution.
But a new visitor cannot be sure and may tend to discredit his horrified impression, not wishing to jump to conclusions.
He seems, in fact, to nurse a sort of horrified fascination with them.
But his visitors were horrified, and he realized that he had spoiled the whole show.
The chambermaid was horrified by the scribbles that had been scotch-taped up on the walls.
Only then do the horrified onlookers realize that he's infected them with a deadly plague.
Unfortunately in this country, everyone has become horrified by it.
They always seem fairly horrified when the lights come up at every screening.
He was horrified by a visit to his granddaughters' prep school.
They were horrified by violence and sincerely wanted the war to end.
Horrified family members, who may be forced to watch the killing, are often too intimidated to identify the murderers.
Before the photographer can shoot, he stands stiffly, a horrified expression pasting his face.
Horrified onlookers said their friend grabbed the gun from a nightstand, pointed it at himself, and acted confused.
Upon her arrival, she was horrified by what she discovered.

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