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Right near my home, a horrific car accident took the lives of eight people, four of them children.
Presidents and coaches are being fired for their lack of judgment, lack of care, and in some cases horrific crimes.
Otherwise, the delay would no doubt be truly horrific.
There are horrific nightmares all around the world, but there's something special about this one.
When an evolving viral disease hops a species barrier, it can sometimes cause horrific infections.
The neighborhood has been deeply affected by that horrific act of cowardice.
Contemplating suicide, when done seriously, is a horrific thing.
Fear of an unknown disease is far tougher to manage than a rare natural disaster, however horrific.
Our children wield their adaptive plasticity amid small but horrific risks.
The crime scene had shown a horrific act but carried no physical traces at all of the defendants.
My gut feeling is that it is ripe for rediscovery, after years of well deserved exile for past, horrific misuses.
Thank you for reminding us that it is the murderer who is at fault for these horrific actions.
In the course of it, both sides have undoubtedly committed horrific atrocities.
Those obstacles turned out to be a portent of the horrific tragedy that would follow.
Toward the end, gangrene could set in, rotting fingers and toes and driving away caregivers with the horrific stench.
Squeamish readers will already be imagining the horrific problems which arise should the clippers slip from my grasp.
During the war, he witnessed horrific carnage, lost friends and was himself seriously wounded three times.
None of them are prepared for the horrific violence they come to face.
Some of these diseases, in addition to their horrific manifestations, also have lurid origin stories.
And the sort of masculinity required for heroes often leads to horrific acts of cruelty and aggression.
But the recession has inflicted horrific damage on the government's accounts.
But the totality of the suffering and horrific nature of genocide has to be evil in every instance.
On the bright side, the dialogue isn't as horrific as you'd imagine.
Its own soldiers commit human-rights violations on a horrific scale.
Horrific regimes can sustain themselves for quite some time for the rather obvious reason that they do not hold elections.
And the horrific thing about the news was how the body count grew as the day progressed.
We must dissipate it to be truly free of the horrific end results that await us all.
Horrific rants appeared from the anti-globalisation camp.
Horrific though these consequences were, many argued that freedom of speech itself was at stake.
And the second problem, of course, is that some of those who are released early commit horrific crimes.
If so it was a horrific price to pay but nonetheless entirely beside the point, that is a matter for historians.
All too often such horrific events are making headlines.
It was so horrific many people could not even believe it was real when it was first discovered.
They did this to make some money by working in factories in horrific conditions.
For every horrific example, some positive and wonderful example could be provided.
What horrific torture are you talking about, incidentally.
Children who attended the camp portray it as a horrific experience.
There have been some legends of the game who have played on with horrific injuries.
The sinister violence of the deaths, their astounding suddenness and gruesomeness and simultaneity, stamped them as horrific.
While the financial burdens have been horrific for this author, the psychic burden appears to have also weighed heavily.
They are horrific images, because they depict a horrific reality.
It was horrific and it was sad, but it had happened, and it wasn't going to be undone.
The suffering that the animals endure in those situations is horrific.
There have been bigger rains and heavier snowfalls than the ones that contributed to these horrific floods.
Wildfires around the globe have been horrific and will continue.
Because this horrific content is so readily available, it is easy to overlook the courage it took to produce it.
It's a horrific disease, but there's not a market reward for coming up with a malaria vaccine.
Despite the horrific consequences of this crude form of neurosurgery, there was a kernel of scientific merit to lobotomies.
Amid the regional wars and horrific genocide, gorillas seem of little consequence.
The first cave was horrific, but they were smart enough to build a spectacular escape exit.
Notwithstanding serious physical harm and horrific pain, these acts were completely selfless and admirable.
The true story of a horrific accident and the life that followed it.
It wouldn't have been the same without all those maddening, horrific bungles.
Many visitors were overwhelmed horrific gore, and the thousands dead or dying.
Yet what both see ultimately are unforgettable, horrific realities that change them.
After all, friendly fire is a horrific but inevitable element of any war.
They don't make the messiness of horrific acts understandable, or even clear.
It was in the wake of a horrific incident that the media generally failed to report.
Despite occasional horrific crashes, modern airliners are about the safest means of travel ever devised.
Those who have been freed speak of horrific conditions.
In any event, the real number of unemployment is horrific.
The latter two were unwilling victims of horrific crimes.
As for respect no one would think that these people didn't do exactly what they thought they had to do in a horrific environment.
He is caustic about military euphemisms for horrific deaths.
Prions are still guilty of causing these horrific deaths.
The initial ratings came from people expecting non-stop action, based on the promo featuring a horrific train crash.
And so there's that-when even horrific visits to the dentist become a treat.
Nothing, it seemed, could stop the avalanche of horrific developments.
Well how about taking a sample test yourself with minimal radiation and see how horrific the affects are.
Such arguments display a horrific lack of sense, and worse, an attempt of obscure any real argument.
We are all aware that our moral sense can be co-opted, such that good people can do horrific things.
It was in places a deeply creepy and horrific movie.
These movements disrupted productivity and caused horrific loss of life.
Yet further reading revealed nothing but more complexity, corruption, fear and unbelievably horrific human behavior.
If you are a witness to such horrific acts it is best not to confront the abuser for your own safety.
As victims unburden themselves with tales of horrific experiences, healers absorb some of the pain.
The investigation must hold accountable the responsible parties and ensure that there will be no sequel to these horrific events.

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