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Transport is turning into a horrible political problem for the government.
It's about time someone has the guts to shed light on these horrible practices people employ for profit.
It was a grueling journey through horrible heat and humidity.
Ours are usually one day marathons at a horrible back windowless room in a restaurant.
People don't seem to realise how horrible this will be.
Most smell horrible and make the fabric look darker than they are.
She had a horrible headache, and she was burning with fever.
Our home used to be a pinkish-taupe, which was a horrible background for yellow- or chartreuse-leaved plants.
He declined the offer for three reasons: abysmal pay, horrible health insurance, and the campus culture.
But what a horrible experience it might nearly have been.
Often those animal lives are lived in horrible factory farms, only to die in slaughterhouses.
People who are not sick sometimes do horrible things.
When that happened the village experienced a horrible period of drought.
Not every story about endangered species is horrible.
They need a lot of hand holding, but if you're that kind of instructor, it's not horrible.
It's also horrible that poacher's only do it for the money.
Even with your horrible grammar you post is still ridiculous.
It's a horrible thought: plastic bags everywhere, people screaming.
Taking that extra time changed the whole expedition from a horrible failure to a huge success.
Put these horrible people in jail for the rest of their lives.
As the strain developed resistance, there was a horrible need for new drugs, and this drug met it.
Horrible health problems were pandemic, due to diet and hygiene.
Jake is an everyday guy and this shows how easily anyone could get into a horrible unintended situation.
Unfortunately, it was buggy and horrible at both tasks.
Some of the camps have hundreds of thousand people in horrible living conditions.
Climate change is going to do all sorts of horrible things.
He spent much of that year living in real fear for his life, with horrible living conditions to top it off.
Malaria is the horrible killer it is because of environmentalism.
All this white seems unwise, a potentially horrible canvas.
Fortunately, nothing so horrible has darkened the forest recently.
Horrible symptoms include fever, internal bleeding and liver failure.
If nothing else, this project makes me appreciate my horrible cellphone all over again.
It's horrible to see that happen though, especially from a teacher's prospective.
For example, he is stabbed three times during the course of his journey by disgusting and horrible creatures.
It was a horrible review, if you don't read between the lines.
How horrible to miss the interesting and important comments of the narrator.
There is a strange hysteria around the horrible idea that our little ones may ever be exposed to anything even slightly dangerous.
His life in his dad's small cabin was horrible so he cuts a hole in the cabin to escape.
The process is not as horrible as you make it out to be.
Hundreds of thousands of elephants died horrible deaths.
Virtually all sea slugs taste horrible to predators-that's why they don't need protective shells.
Fertilizers have a horrible habit of leaching into waterways.
It's amazing to see people living in horrible conditions however they where laughing, and seemed full of joy.
It was horrible and humiliating the tents alone were a different story too.
Taking prescribed anti-rejection drugs for life sounds horrible.
And the news is usually broadcasting horrible things, which makes the world look worse than it is.
These wretched liquids are horrible-tasting, cheap, thin base wines to which salt and food coloring have been added.
Some of these brats are horrible and dissolve your energy.
The student evaluations of my teaching, while not horrible, were certainly not positive.
It's lonely, horrible work getting something to the point of publication.
Without it, though, her quality of life was truly horrible.
No matter how horrible your current situation is, do not mention it.
Sometimes they're horrible, sometimes they're surprisingly helpful.
If they're horrible, try calling again the next day.
Spikes in insulin levels are now a major concern worldwide and are causing horrible diseases.
As every writer knows, you remember those horrible reviews much longer than you remember the great ones.
For me, that conveyed the physicality of crying after a horrible event.
In other important occupations people sometimes face the need to do the horrible.
He is a prime example of the media and entertainment world's horrible memory.
The bare thought of enduring it is horrible, apart from its ineradicable effects.
Getting the word order wrong not only makes for horrible-sounding sentences but also can change meaning, often in comic ways.
Horrible things seem to happen to children even more often than in our own narratives.
Of course, this functionality also shows the horrible state of the housing market.
In some instances, the details of the murders were so horrible that they were not publicized.
But all wars are horrible, and flimsy, superficial war talk is always extremely dangerous.
But undoubtedly another reason is because so much about this plant is bizarre, from its enormous size to its horrible smell.
Another thing he does is rolls in horrible things, such as horse manure, for example.
Alcohol addiction is a horrible disease that destroys lives.
Even the experience of clearing it by natural absorbents was horrible.
But had the enemy invented the bomb first, that, too would have been horrible.
And unlike the glitzy casinos, greyhound tracks offer a sad world of sticky escalators, grubby walls and horrible food.
They're horrible, horrible and they are not the only ones.
Interesting that we're not seeing many names of the people with horrible auditions this year.
He knew already that he wouldn't want anything, anyway, from the horrible old house.
The prison system is horrible on inmates, it's horrible on families.
If he had settled in any of those other locations, something horrible would have happened there.
Reading their books is undignified, though also completely understandable, given how horrible life can be.
In writing books, you get to have total control of everything, but at the risk of insanity and horrible loneliness.
They felt sure that something horrible was going to happen.
Among these was a dragon, which flew on horrible wings from a neighboring lake, and seemed ready to devour everything in its way.
But governments or corporations snooping on everyday citizens under the pretext of defense is a horrible scenario too.
Making fuel from coal sounds good but the environment impacts are horrible.
Seeing a platform they invested in fail this miserably is nothing put horrible from a business perspective.
But advocating the construction of support infrastructure for a proven bad source of energy is horrible.
My neighbor can have a horrible job and no family and perceive a bad quality of life.
And indeed the first horrible reductionism of the new ideas was to use them to justify exploitation, racism, and genocide.
For nearly two decades she was kept prisoner and abused in horrible ways.
His friends died in a horrible accident two years ago because of a design flaw.
Some of the less expensive scopes have horrible tripods that will not satisfy you regardless how little you spent.
Most people don't need to go to the doctor to know whether they have a horrible case of the flu.
The whole idea of everyone in the movie dying in horrible, fantastic, different ways.
No less horrible in some respects, but not in the cold-blooded way you imply.
So no matter what sort of horrible, non-quasi-static event happens inside the box, the total work must be zero.
We looked into it and found all of the horrible side effects.
Wow, there are some horrible remarks on the linked site.
The only exceptions are parents so horrible that the state steps in and takes them away.
They merely see the giant lashing out, often in ways that make an already horrible situation worse.
And ours were not as horrible as those of some others.
Only night and terror and an imagination accustomed to the horrible.
It was a string of horrible events that was almost unbelievable.
Disposable diapers are not only bad for babies' health, but also horrible for the environment.
You're doing these horrible things, and yet the audience senses there's a light on in your skull.
And, in a horrible way that is not being faced, the two excavations have begun to converge.
It must be simultaneously gratifying and horrible to have all your kids in the family business.
It was horrible, her belly was swollen up so much her skin was almost transparent, you could see the veins.
Besides being illegal this is a dangerous activity that could have horrible results.
Some of us have stayed in horrible jobs because of the health care coverage.
These trials are of great importance to the victims of these horrible crimes.

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