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Wal-Mart has a horrendous track record with workers' rights and access to health insurance.
The horrendous scenes revealed cattle being whipped, stabbed and gouged.
Many of the refugees suffered horrendous atrocities along the way.
Living in the shadow of such a horrendous catastrophe didn't faze us.
There are plenty of awesomely horrendous low-budget music videos.
Bribery, altered transcripts and players who never graduate have given college sports a horrendous public image.
Unfortunately, the errors are so horrendous that these references are not needed.
Americans are braced for their third horrendous summer of air travel in a row.
After a horrendous couple of decades, the national team once again basked in the warmth of the nation's affections.
Nitrogen fertilizer runoff is also horrendous for the environment.
The condition of the hallways and lobby is horrendous.
And the rate of growth in some countries is horrendous.
What leads to the horrendous movies in the end is that it does not really matter what scientists say.
Yes, it was a brutal hundred years, marked by horrendous destruction.
In hearing the horrendous news my heart is deeply saddened.
The environmental impact and cost would be horrendous.
For instance, the weather has been absolutely horrendous.
Unfortunately, tomorrow will come and every nation will face horrendous debts and deficits with dead economies.
Natural resources are being used up at a horrendous rate.
The horrendous results of what you did make it likely you will be scrupulously honest this time round.
And, although applying for patents is relatively cheap, the cost of maintaining them can be horrendous.
Parking and traffic right around the campus can be horrendous.
The scene is almost an exact reproduction of the famous photograph taken that horrendous day.
Horrendous crimes are in the local media for as short a time period as possible and are never part of the mainstream news.
Max survives a horrendous crash without a scratch, though he is profoundly changed.
Corruption and petty bribery have reached horrendous levels in our country.
Taking into consideration the health factors, this horrendous increase caused me to quit smoking.
In those days each and every horrendous act was permissible.
It has done so despite its horrendous infrastructure, bureaucracy, terrorism and poor governance.
Anyone claiming otherwise obviously knows nothing about this horrendous system.
Traffic is horrendous, the crime rate is atrociously high, and forget politics.
Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to solve this horrendous environmental problem.
Moreover, the cost of manufacturing of these solar tiles will be horrendous.
All horrendous misinterpretations of the actual research for the sake of scoring political points.
One need not search far to see the horrendous effects of irresponsible human activity.
It's a sad fact of life that some people do horrendous things and must be punished for their actions.
If you want to avoid horrendous violence and accomplish something, you may have to wait longer.
The bottom line: the cost impact was horrendous for all three of the companies.
These are the people we're talking about coming out in such a horrendous condition.
It is horrendous-you'd rather suck on an isopropyl alcohol prep swab.
When you put that set of horrendous work conditions and external factors together, it creates an evil barrel.
Often the show, which tries to accommodate the various genres and age groups that make up pop music, is a horrendous train wreck.
Now, maybe it would have been horrendous if the government didn't step in, but we'll never know.
Yet the emerging picture is horrendous, especially for ordinary people in the lesser cities and hardscrabble northern provinces.
The capital is cheap, but its facilities are crumbling and its traffic horrendous.
As a result, the inequalities tend to worsen a still-horrendous picture.
But with those thrills come horrendous spills and broken bones.
Horrendous conditions found at nation's biggest jail.
Already, a few excellent examples of horrendous vehicles have turned up.
He and his first-generation disciples made some horrendous mistakes.
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