hornet in a sentence

Example sentences for hornet

As it does so, a hornet's nest of trouble will be found.
But the willow-wren sent down the hornet, with orders to get beneath the fox's tail, and sting it with all his might.
Prising open the lid on previous mistakes might unleash a political hornet-swarm.
It's a hornet's nest up in the attic whose noise can be safely ignored.
Of course, who knows when that hornet's nest will come up for a vote.
Large gray nests of the bald faced hornet are familiar from their frequent use in natural history displays.
Don't let children throw rocks at paper wasp or hornet nests.
Last year two empty hornet's nests were removed from trees behind the library.
The prairie dog sickened at the sting of the hornet or a diplomatic puppet.

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The white-tailed hornet lives in a balloon That floats against the ceiling of the woodshed.... more
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