hopscotch in a sentence

Example sentences for hopscotch

It was a race, hopscotch race against these diseases.
Information moving through cyberspace travels in tiny packets that hopscotch around the world.
Christine especially enjoyed playing hopscotch and jacks and jumping rope.
Play hopscotch, jacks, red rover and other group games.
Play tag or hopscotch, jump rope, or dance for some fun aerobic exercises.
Jump-the-rope and hopscotch could be really dangerous.
Also available are box hockey, tetherball, and hopscotch and shuffleboard courts.
There are many ways for kids to be physically active, such as playing ball games or hopscotch.
Some students don't know how to play games such as four square or hopscotch and may need some gentle instruction.
They are unifying in what appears to be geographic and/or operational-type hopscotch patterns.

Famous quotes containing the word hopscotch

The boatswain's mate was very sedate, Yet fond of amusement, too; And he played hopscotch with the starboar... more
As long as lightly all their livelong sessions, Like a yardful of schoolboys out at recess Before their plays and games ... more
You are a tiny little girl, Electra. Other little girls dreamed of being the richest or the most beautiful women of all.... more
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