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The hopping pattern may be adapted to exclude a portion of the frequencies that are used by interfering devices.
To often people thing in terms of life hopping from species to species.
The subsequent hopping and leaping of these grains is called saltation.
Sometimes these hopping temperatures don't seem to go anywhere in particular.
There will be hopping around in time, and characters seen at different points in history.
But cruising on a fully equipped yacht is the secret to privacy and the key to mounting the ultimate island-hopping expedition.
Almost all are free, and they range from hopping chic hot spots to isolated escapes.
We sat in traffic in one market town after another, each one hopping with activity that sometimes engulfed the car.
Customers then use their phones to pay before hopping the train to work.
She always had her mind hopping on to the next prank she was going to pull.
Her cabbie tells her she can beat the traffic by hopping out of the car and down an emergency staircase at the next exit.
Management consultants have been hopping all over the public sector for years.
Hopping on the train laden with suitcases and children may not be an attractive alternative.
However the average cheap mobile uses sophisticated frequency hopping that makes eavesdropping difficult or near impossible.
Little wonder, then, that the queue of carriers hopping on the biofuel bandwagon is growing.
People do take it, but for local trips, hopping on and off along the way.
But if you spend the day hopping from client to client-or café to café-go ultra and don't look back.
He tries to mix things up, hopping into a store and switching between taxis and the city's rundown tramway.
It uses a technique called frequency hopping to squeeze more channels into the radio spectrum.
The night is hot and the streets are hopping and you can probably even see stars.
And then everybody kind of noticed that this guy was hopping, and he actually had one leg.
They're going to school longer, delaying marriage and children, job-hopping and apartment-swapping.
Take your time bar-hopping its dozens of options until you've found a good fit.
Hopping on a plane or embarking on a road trip can be an exciting experience.
Bloomingdale's is known for hopping on a hot trend and translating it into merchandise for sale at many price levels.
He spent the rest of the day hopping in and out of his car and chasing the slow-moving bridge down the river.

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