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Example sentences for hoping

Ann knows entertainment news is best served as a hot dish to friends and she's hoping you'll dig right in.
Children here dream of being accordion stars the same way kids in America practice guitar hoping to become rock stars.
This year, I'm hoping to pull off a simpler and more sustainable holiday.
He's hoping to return in the next year or two so he can extract some bones that he found during his last expedition.
Workers are clearing Iowa fields, hoping that if they build it, cars will come.
There are always a few loose ends, and I'm fully expecting and hoping that new stuff comes out.
It took five or six months of just hoping that things would take off.
The sun-soaked crowd buzzed with refreshed optimism, hoping this year might be different.
He strained to hear the wolf call again, hoping to plot its direction.
I'm hoping that we get some support from Washington for small businesses.
One group goes on bringing children to birth, hoping that they will be born dead or die.
Some have chipped varnish off the violins, hoping to discover a special chemical compound.
Appreciated your article, but was hoping that the pictures would be included.
They then left the bats alone to hibernate, hoping that some would survive until spring.
Instead, he was ever in the process of forming, hoping for or dissolving romantic attachments.
They kept the brooch for a year and a half, hoping someone would submit a claim.
He is hoping to discover how they did it, so he can follow them there.
She and her husband refused, hoping for the best, and his leg eventually healed.
Rather, he's hoping the winners will learn more than they would by staying in school.
Another is that they are hoping that it will all go away.
He probably knows you have a crush on him and is hoping for both of your sakes that you'll get over it.
They had timed the strike for dawn, hoping to startle the inhabitants.
Then the clerk took him to the other side of security, hoping that someone might be awaiting him in the baggage claim.
Newt was probably hoping the debate would move to other topics, and it did for a bit.
It is also revising its growth plans, hoping to reduce its vulnerabilities.
And by seeing how these cells act when confronted with a new invader, researchers are hoping to disarm the enemy far in advance.
In other words, make sure the device is certified to remove what you're hoping to remove.
And they began to bomb micro particles in the vacuum, in hoping to understand their inner structure.
Anyone hoping for a period of calm after the turbulence of the past year will be disappointed.
In both places, all involved are hoping the other side gets more blame when budget negotiations fail.
Participants monitor the site, hoping to secure a great bargain.
Retailers are hoping for a repeat performance this month.
It is rather that physicians were hoping for years of extra life.
The survey also contained devastating news for those publishers hoping to co-ordinate attempts to charge.
Fund managers around the world are hoping he opts for a third round.
What is more, they are travelling on their own dime, hoping they will be reimbursed when the shutdown ends.
Those hoping for a broader crackdown on business-process patents will also be disappointed.
He's still hoping to play this season, but beyond that there's no specific timetable for his return.
The island nation is hoping for a rebound from last year's earthquake and tsunami.
Some scientists who study dinosaurs spend a lifetime hoping to find the perfect trophy fossil.
People are now flocking to the nature preserve hoping to see the rare deer and take its picture.
Males visited the sites and displayed courtship behavior, hoping to attract females.
But the craft is healthy, and mission managers are hoping for funding to further extend its working life.
Here's hoping regulators recognize that these so-called technological advances aren't progress at all.
Many organic gardeners compost, hoping to reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizers in their home garden.
We circled around to the top of the plateau, hoping to creep up on the animals from above.
Royal enthusiasts are arranging parties and camping out on the pavement along the procession route, hoping for a view.
But now he hears from people who are hoping to beat diabetes, autism, or obesity.
We are hoping our current studies will verify that robots improve the life experience of older people and their care staff.
She's training for a half marathon and hoping to do a full marathon by the end of the year.
Pilots fly into the area every year, hoping to see the intriguing clouds.
Others ooze the unwholesome patina of snake-oil salesman hoping to make a fast buck.
Don't be afraid to tell farmers what you're hoping to hear, and what you'd be willing to pay a premium for.
He had come in search of food from a distant village, wandering around hoping to get help.
Funding for authors' advances may be provided by external investors hoping for a profit, as is done for films and plays.
We saved entire newspapers, hoping that further study might yield their logic, but none emerged.
With a huge number of unknowns in this equation, he's hoping that their work can help him better understand the problem.
Researchers are also hoping that iron arsenides will help unlock the mystery of how high-temperature superconductors work.
Now the company is hoping for a boost from a new market-touch-screen tablet computers.
The only feasible way to decrypt the data today is to try every possible encrypt key, hoping that one will work.
Others are giving up on making biofuels too, also hoping to break into markets for higher value chemicals.
Of course, advertisers are also starting to release their ads before the game, hoping to get people to watch and then share.
He's hoping to learn more about how ice fractures form and propagate before breaking off into bergs.
They're storing it and producing their own, hoping to develop an immunization and an antiserum for the troops.
There's no webcam for those of us hoping to do video chats.
In spite of everything, she had been holding her breath and hoping that the agreement would be signed.
He was working up grids for aircraft and artillery, hoping to land a few big rounds to end this thing.
Thieves are targeting mailboxes this season, hoping to get to your holiday gifts and cash before the intended recipients.
By localizing these genes, scientists are hoping to further the development of molecular therapies.
We are hoping to double that number by the end of the fiscal year.
We're hoping the second half finds more zombies and shooting.
On film, many a desert-island castaway has put a message in a bottle and cast it out to sea, hoping it would someday reach land.
Their friends or relatives took shelter from the scorching sun in a nearby building, hoping for news.
He receives letters and secret visits from victims or their relatives hoping he can restore their property.
Yep, for networks hoping to engineer a recovery, history can be a real pain.

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