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If the concept seems hopelessly complex, you might start with a simple map of a familiar place.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
It should be added that three lines, which appeared hopelessly misprinted, have been omitted in this poem.
Because otherwise they wouldn't get to feel hopelessly trapped.
The strategy seems hopelessly inadequate to solve a problem of this magnitude.
Besides, the government is already hopelessly entangled in the energy market.
Everybody knows that the two parties are hopelessly divided.
Holed up in a secret lair as they braved the fury of the streets, he seemed hopelessly out of date and out of touch.
We are also hopelessly obsessed with the hierarchy within our clan.
In this case, the methods used are hopelessly blunt to make a valid determination.
When it collapses its web over its prey, the insect is simply hopelessly entangled.
Without experiments there is simply no way to tell which hypothesis is the correct one and the process is hopelessly stuck.
And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.
And to add injury to insult, the show was hopelessly boring.
The champagne flowed until four am, and many partygoers got hopelessly drunk.
Its dual role as private investor and manager of government bail-out programmes left some asking if it was hopelessly conflicted.
Expecting much more than this, you might say, is hopelessly naive.
And the sanitation it has built would be hopelessly insufficient even if properly used, which it is not.
And the region is hopelessly ill-suited to withstand a shaking.
Colors displayed on the website are hopelessly inaccurate.
Inflation expectations aren't pegged hopelessly at or below zero.
Your system is hopelessly broken and is nothing but a sham democracy being controlled by the corporate and political elite.
And despite months of attempts to form a coalition of opposition, her political adversaries remain hopelessly split.
The numerator of the productivity equation, output, is hopelessly vague for services.
Hopelessly trapped, several escapees pulled out grenades and blew themselves up.
The physician would likely be in jeopardy of being hopelessly behind in the program and subject to being dropped from the program.
Even a list of addresses may be hopelessly confusing in a metropolitan area with thousands of streets.
With all gallery seats taken, hundreds waited outside in hopelessly extended lines.
All sulfides of copper are hopelessly insoluble on water and therefore cannot be used for crystal growth experiments.

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