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Example sentences for hopefully

Let's engage in a spirited defense of the word hopefully.
Most likely, other people are having the same problems you are, so hopefully somebody found a remedy.
It's the only way they'll be able to bring their economy back up and hopefully keep it there.
Hopefully such a parsimonious theory can be found in this case.
Hopefully the range of communities we've exhibited has managed to elide some of those distinctions.
We have screened bottom boards, so that the mites hopefully fall through to the ground and don't crawl back into the hives.
It will hopefully answer some burning questions that keep geologists up at night.
During the past week leaders of business and financial thought discussed the return to normal conditions hopefully.
Sorry for the length, hopefully this fits the topic of research questions.
Since then, events have unfolded more hopefully than anyone could have predicted.
But the close call has galvanized efforts among scientists to predict and hopefully prevent a potentially apocalyptic impact.
Hopefully my children or grandchildren may live to see that day.
They likely won't be the same as appears in the magazine, but hopefully you will have a selection to choose from.
Hopefully one day the lesson about patience will sink in.
The best gimmick a restaurant can use is to serve excellent food, hopefully with efficient service.
Hopefully those factors might be good enough for an adoption agency.
Hopefully this will keep others from drinking the poisoned drinks.
It brings us to a common origin and hopefully together.
Hopefully these methods of genetic foresight continue to be used in a utilitarian and humanitarian way.
Hopefully as more people see this as an option it will become more affordable.
If you want to start an ecotourism business, hopefully you already have some education in tourism and environmentalism.
When you do leave your office, you will hopefully have added to the landscape of place.
Hopefully this will change along with other aspects of a cultural mindset.
Experts have been racing to find the cause of-and hopefully a cure for-the illness before the devil goes extinct in the wild.
Hopefully they will be tested over several generations for basic safety.
The final product, a hopefully delicious one at that.
Hopefully other affordable solutions will come in the future.
Hopefully this will accelerate its progress into the driest parts of the world.
Hopefully you've got a job and meeting your loan obligations won't be too difficult.
Things can only get better, bankers reasoned hopefully.
We feel that it has a future, and hopefully in subsequent years it can earn money and pay for itself.
Hopefully your partner will enjoy being woken up by your kinky activities.
The mask creates a character that hopefully is timeless.
One million robots, in fact, hopefully all in place within the next three years.
It is the goal and happiness of business to make money, hopefully by making the best product.
Hopefully they find a solution to this problem soon.
Hopefully this city will be the start of many eco-friendly cities.
Hopefully the authors of any study are equally prepared to accept other taxonomic divisions if further evidence arises.
What will be indoors there hopefully will resemble sculpture.
Hopefully whatever it was did not cause her to suffer.
Hopefully such a tragic and rare event will never occur on my campus.
His legacy lives on and will hopefully progress even though he is gone.
Hopefully no-one put an unmerciful interpretation on the closing quote of the article.
Hopefully the poaching can be curbed before many of the parrots are extinct.
My local nursery sells it, because the word has not spread yet, but hopefully that will change.
Left unsaid, but hopefully intended, is the insight the findings provide into the importance of eating well.
Hopefully every other job you have in your life will pay better than graduate school.
Hopefully the next generation of monitoring technology will address the need to truly guard sites against these criminals.
So hopefully some more concrete results will be forthcoming as to whether or not this will help rice production.
Hopefully further studies will soon be undertaken to flesh out this hypothesis.
Hopefully it won't be long before more people come to realize that wood burning fire pits have no place in residential areas.
Hopefully that will go well, but this story really shows the importance of communication in the developing world.
Their still being moderated but hopefully not for long.
Hopefully there will be an article posted soon on new treatments for chronic cynicism and a nasty temperament.
Hopefully future studies by different teams will add to our understanding.
The pay off is hopefully saying that you captured a certain time and a certain feeling in your life.
Hopefully soon helminth therapy will become more widely studied and available.
Hopefully there will be an agreement reached before its destroyed out of spite.
Hopefully as the mealybugs decrease so will the wasps.
Keep trying, hopefully you give up on this lost cause.
Hopefully some effective methods of shielding critical components have been possible given weight and other considerations.
Hopefully there will be a good turnout as this event is a major fundraiser for the community.
Hopefully modern medical science will prevent a recurrence of such an event.
Excellent idea and hopefully more such works will follow.
Hopefully that's not immediate bad news for anyone here.
Hopefully you can get a sense of the place before you make your decision.
But when it comes to low inflation, it may be better to travel hopefully than to arrive.
The book also leaves a few cliff hangers to hopefully be answered later in the series.
Hopefully these cities can turn it around so they don't continue to be stereotyped as bad cities.
Hopefully to the point that it would stop being worth their time.
And the simple act of doing something, and the sense of accomplishment, hopefully will improve your mood as well.
Hopefully people could see that and maybe history will reflect kindly on our efforts one day.
Three other poachers escaped, but hopefully not for long.
Hopefully the spirit of democracy will not be thwarted in a similar way in our country in times of dissent.
The violence there that stemmed from this leader's rule will hopefully slow due to this occurrence.
Hopefully those will get manually ripped and made available sometime in the near future.
Hopefully you have had some psychotherapy so you can understand why you get so angry.
Hopefully this report will go some way to helping answer those questions.
Really, you thought they would have learned a lesson with oil to be more informed and hopefully have bit more foresight.
Hopefully this procedure will be followed with this nuclear system failure.
Hopefully the seminar leader won't feel uncomfortable handling this situation, but it's a tricky one.
Hopefully economic growth will prove to be a more effective driver of economic and political freedom.
Hopefully it'll work as well the article seemed to indicate.
Hopefully cloud-cover data will improve with satellites recording the weather.
Hopefully it'll make them understand that it's only inviting a disaster, potentially.
Still he's been quite supportive, and hopefully his letter will help if clout trumps.
If you win, you get the cash to hopefully make that happen.
Juggling more demands may make life more difficult temporarily, but the outcome will hopefully be worth it.
Hopefully this can be translated into a repair mechanism for human livers.
Hopefully they can keep me from going into all-out freak-out.
Hopefully we'll continue to provide increasing evidence of the sustainability of intelligent life.
Hopefully there are no mirrors in the situation room.
But, if he fails and needs help, hopefully his family and friends will help him.
Hopefully these posts will give you fodder for your own geek family adventures this fall.
After the amount of snake-oil perpetual motion machines we've seen, we'll remain hopefully skeptical.
No matter--our plan is to harvest and preserve the hopefully-still-tender leaves first thing tomorrow.
Hopefully, some readers will use it and give you some helpful feedback.
The hotel in which he had begun life so hopefully was now a mere ghost of what a hotel should be.
Nevertheless, he struggled hopefully on, and seemed to see at last some glimmering of dawn.
And hopefully it never has to involve the emergency room, the hospital, or knife.
Hopefully all of the rental chains will get with it within the next year.
But to the military, it's a great idea, hopefully leading to unmanned teams that are more than the sum of their parts.
Hopefully, everything will come out negative tomorrow.
Hopefully the teaching of racism will stop, and the idea of people being weird because they are different will stop also.
So it would be a quick two-to-three-hour flight, then hopefully a safe landing soon after dawn.
Hopefully, on balance more lives will be saved than harmed.
Hopefully your camera will have a shutter speed long enough for what you are shooting.
Hopefully things will be better managed in the future and the city can regain more of its former glory.
Hopefully one day you will find one that will capture your attention and admiration.
Hopefully, his inspiration will live in the consciousness of those who see only possibilities.
Hopefully, a means will be found to reopen it in the near future.
Hopefully this will give you some insight into your question.
Hopefully, my information has been helpful to someone out there.
Hopefully you're more careful than our friends across the pond.
Transfused red cells are expected to last for no more than three months, while transplants will hopefully function for many years.
Hopefully they will bridge the gap between different operating systems next.
Hopefully, it will help to keep these key decision-makers from avoiding this topic any further.
Hopefully one day, there will be no such thing as disabled people.
Hopefully, these cities will all look to implement solar-powered charging stations as well.
Hopefully this example will help them look at the bigger picture, helping themselves and everyone else.
Take it from this point, from this link, and hopefully you will do your own research on childhood development.
Hopefully a lot of the ideas so funded will attract attention here at home and not get shipped overseas for a quick buck.
Hopefully management gurus will not make this a fad.
Hopefully, in the process, past lessons of excessive state control will not be forgotten.
Hopefully, the intelligence system will retain the ability to function.
Hopefully, this meticulous decision making process will prove to be successful and worth.
Hopefully this will minimize deaths, recovery time, and confusion.
Hopefully this not the case and they deserve a legit shot.
Vesey heads off hopefully to pursue a career as an actor.
Hopefully, you would have met with some of the faculty by that point.
Hopefully, it will be worth more when we're through.
Then she looked around hopefully, as if to solicit help clambering out of her own construction.
Hopefully, that term is not code language for criticizing our society's efforts to increase educational opportunity.
Hopefully your committee will quickly get on board with this also.
Well, hopefully in five years there will be jobs, haha.
Hopefully this early notice will enable you to explore other options.
These grants, hopefully, will give rise to courses and programs that create skill sets needed for growth of the economy.
Hopefully, they acknowledge the limits of her tale-and how much the adult industry has changed.
Whether it justified the horse suspensions is a question the trial hopefully will answer.
And they also hopefully serve the interest of the country that they're in.
It should attract first-time ballet viewers-who hopefully become longtime ballet fans.
Hopefully the new wave of enthusiasm for the project will help him find the perfect space.
Here is a recipe that hopefully will help state my case.
Fortune tellers are fans, using the technique to read our hopefully bright futures.
Hopefully a couple of more days of rest in here will get him ready.
Hopefully it will launch a long and successful coaching career.
Hopefully this prestigious venue will bring an incredibly talented performer to much-deserved wider recognition.
Hopefully they don't get overrun with crackpots who might see this as a way to push their special brand of crazy.
Hopefully, you are joking about the origins of the human race.
There's no clear answer, although the hunt for new fossils or tracks will hopefully provide one.
But hopefully fear of reprisal won't scare this teacher or others away from teaching tactics that actually might work.
It starts with water and ends with intelligent aliens-hopefully.
So, the film is definitely being used as a tool of awareness and hopefully to impact change.
Hopefully he wasn't enjoying his retirement too much.
It can and hopefully will be interpreted in a number of ways.
The light warns drivers about the flat-fixers, hopefully allowing them to avoid an accident or maybe find a different route.
Slowing the viruses ability to spread would also reduce the rate at which the tumor recedes and hopefully minimize inflammation.
Hopefully as the technology matures we'll see the efficiency improve as well.
Hopefully this will bring the cost down significantly.
Hopefully, they won't, because batteries will have become much cheaper and more readily available.
Hopefully they consider putting these chips in projectors.
Hopefully other plans of his to reduce fossil fuel usage will be more realistic.
Tech is changing world society, but hopefully our maturity as a species will catch up one day.
Hopefully you can ignore the negativity expressed here by some of the posters.
Hopefully this leads to more technologies along this line, allowing for more manufactured weather worldwide.
Hopefully you have prepared your vehicle for expected ice and snow.
Hopefully many of you will eventually become developers of code to enhance its functionality and performance.
The message is getting out and hopefully with enforcement and education these accidents will decrease.

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