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Example sentences for hooves

The actions of their hooves and leg movement also moves blood.
Good swimmers, they also have bigger hooves than cattle and so don't get stuck in the mud.
The clop of their hooves sounds oddly bucolic against the throaty thrum of helicopters overhead.
They are relatives of goats, and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip.
Mountain goats have cloven hooves with two toes that spread wide to improve balance.
He used the strategy to prove that a trotting horse lifts all four hooves off the ground at some point in its stride.
Sometimes horses' hooves could be heard clattering in the cobbled stable yard at the rear of the house.
Until you reach a colossus, there is no music, leaving you alone with your thoughts and the sound of your horse's hooves.
The animals also share common details in their tongues, hooves and some skeletal features.
Their hooves left behind prints that would make small ponds.
They also use their hooves and antlers to dig through snow.
For many years paleontologists thought its feet had claws rather than hooves.
All four of his hooves were extremely long and neglected.
All equines must have their hooves properly trimmed periodically to prevent lameness.
Long legs and broad, flat hooves help them walk on snow and on soft ground such as a peat bog.
They use their specially adapted, shovel-shaped hooves to paw away snow to get at lichens.
Antlers, bones and hooves were used for tools and instruments.
On the day of disposal, he placed chains around the heads and hooves of the animals and moved them to a burial site.

Famous quotes containing the word hooves

Fair are these petals broken by your feet; your horse's hooves tread softer than a deer's.... more
Most holy Satyr, like a goat, with horns and hooves to match thy coat of russet brown.... more
Ferdinand De Soto, sleeping In the river, never heard Four-and-twenty Spanish hooves Fling off their iron a... more
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