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Example sentences for hoopla

Hoopla for new research on the genetics of schizophrenia is misplaced.
It was the kind of hoopla you'd expect for an actual scientific advance.
It is easy to dismiss the hoopla as another regrettable example of loopy celebrity politics.
The voters should concentrate on the candidates' plans to overcome those obstacles, not on needless hoopla over outsourcing.
But he believes the case is far less important than much of the hoopla would suggest.
Other pilot initiatives that have been the subject of public hoopla and hearings also went unmentioned in the article.
Sometimes the hoopla translates into increased ticket sales for those nominees still playing in theaters.
But amid the hoopla that this widely publicized finding generated, a critical fact was often overlooked.
The hoopla, interestingly, is not intended to sell motorcycles.
But all the hoopla cannot conceal the party's insecure state.
One wonders, too, what portion of the profits generated by the attendant hoopla will end up in the writer's pocket.
Recognition, celebration, and hoopla are contagious.
The hoopla has died down since then, but the image continues to be popular.
In this case, the distraction was an immense hoopla created by the other retreat participants.
Following all of the events and hoopla, the new vessel and its crew will get to work.
And that role is important because, you know, the hoopla and the fireworks will come to an end.
My first priority is for students to understand all the hoopla going on around them and what's happening and why.
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