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Scientists agree that whales are actually highly specialized ungulates, or hoofed mammals.
The main attraction in the petting zoo is the hoofed stock which consists of calves, a donkey, and gentle horses.
Anthrax commonly affects hoofed animals such as sheep and goats, but humans can get sick from anthrax, too.
It occurred with the bases loaded, and by the time he hoofed into third base, dizziness had set in.
Whales are highly-modified, once-hoofed mammals which are entirely aquatic.
Here you will find everything you want to know about several species of these hoofed mammals.
While their whole family tree hasn't been definitively settled on, researchers think that whales evolved from hoofed animals.
Feral pigs are mid-sized hoofed mammals with a long, pointed head and stocky build.
They are medium-sized hoofed mammals with a long, pointed head and stocky build.
Hoofed mammals, especially deer are the preferred food.
Foot-and-mouth disease is an extremely contagious disease of cloven-hoofed animals.
Their slender, hind legs were longer than their forelegs and they had hoofed toes.
Ungulates are hoofed mammals that are typically herbivorous and have four legs.
However, the sizes of goat droppings are smaller than these other hoofed animals.
Since deer are split-hoofed, hooves from three or four deer are needed to make this type of rattle.
Permit required to import a llama or other exotic hoofed animal into this state.

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Paris came to Ida. He grew to slim height Among the silver-hoofed beasts.... more
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