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Example sentences for hoof

It's called heli-hiking, and once you try it, you'll never hoof it uphill for a view again.
They could hoof, but he was also pulled up and did wonderful things with his hands.
If your attacker has a knife, hoof it and don't look back.
They are relatives of goats, and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip.
In off-hours, they hoof it to favorite relaxation spots.
First a hoof, then the horse's mane, then its harness.
Tip: when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras.
During the final leg of the run, the horse breaks his hoof and is then promptly euthanized on the track.
The night before, sitting by our campfire, we'd heard distant hoof beats rumbling across the savanna.
Sparrows flitted in the grain bins, and from the darkened stalls came the occasional snort or hoof-stomp on dungy hay.

Famous quotes containing the word hoof

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada are the horns, the head, the neck, the shins, and the hoof of the ox... more
But now he brushed the shavings from his knee And stood the ax there on its horse's hoof, Erect, but not wi... more
The water for which we may have to look In summertime with a witching wand, In every wheelrut's now a brook, In every pr... more
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