hooey in a sentence

Example sentences for hooey

However, the nature of e-mail is that it seems to encourage cut-and-paste, form-letter hooey.
Another irresponsible bunch of hooey from the editors.
Do some research before you drop discredited hooey on this site.
All the hooey over this tournament lacking spoilers and upstart teams has been overblown.
It's a seductive idea, and one that sells a lot of hooey.
That, to me, depicts scientific realism even though the science itself is hooey.
Its hooey, of course, but would probably make for an interesting story.
It can't be otherwise, and that's what blows me away about the statements from folk who say that climate change is hooey.
What a bunch of hooey charging more for the same electricity for which one would have to pay during evening hours.
The idea that the guy who drove the truck to deliver cans to that recycling facility ought to be reliable is hooey.
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