hoodwink in a sentence

Example sentences for hoodwink

His friends literally have to hoodwink him into leaving so that he will avoid extermination.
Soft measures, if required by the authorities, could end up being used to hoodwink investors.
Fishermen, however, may not be able to hoodwink consumers for much longer.
It's the sort of abusive statistical comparison political hacks use to hoodwink the public.
Call it mendacity, dishonesty, the ongoing effort to hoodwink the people.
Right now it is one group of people trying to hoodwink another group of people.
These methods are unlikely to hoodwink unsuspecting consumers, because consumers are usually familiar with them.

Famous quotes containing the word hoodwink

Christ: I dislike him very much; still I can stand him. What I cannot stand is the wretched band of people whose profess... more
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