hoodie in a sentence

Example sentences for hoodie

The rest of me is in a white zipper hoodie sweater and my in the house sandals.
Ban hoodie jackets and any item of clothing that can quickly hide a face such as a toque that can be pulled over the face.
He wore a grey hoodie as he took the stand to defend the website, even as he sought to distance himself from its operations.
There's no need for high-tech protection when you're wearing a bulletproof hoodie.
Yeah, it tends to rain a bit here, but it's the drizzly sort of precipitation that's best weathered under a hat or a hoodie.
Last seen wearing a dark hoodie and armed with a gun.
Suspect was wearing gray sweatpants, a gray hoodie, and a camouflage jacket.
He was wearing a brownish tan jacket over a maroon hoodie with gray pants.
He was wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt and his face was covered.
One was wearing a dark hoodie, while the other was wearing a red one.
He was wearing a blue hoodie with light-colored sleeves, dark-colored pants and a camouflage hat.
The cotton hoodie has a waist drawstring that could pose an entrapment hazard to children.
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