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Barring that, he had said, he wanted to leave the service with an honorable discharge.
Your attempt to promote an interactive approach and exchange of ideas is honorable.
Cheating the government out of tax revenue was seen as an honorable activity.
Bashing skeptics will not help restore the credibility of this honorable profession.
These were the practiced words of honorable exchanges at the time.
My favorite is the wee octopus, but the crab spider here deserves an honorable mention.
While being a military veteran is an honorable thing, it apparently is not typical.
In addition seven honorable mentions will be awarded.
These days nobody does the honorable thing on their own volition, any more.
Making anonymous accusatory phone calls or spreading hearsay up a chain of command is not an honorable thing to do.
He is considered an upright and honorable gentleman.
Unfortunately, it also depends on human beings to act according to those values held up as honorable and holy.
To learn of an enemy has always been accounted honorable.
The king may give the honor but thou art to make thyself honorable.
When you are aspiring to the highest place, it is honorable to reach the second or even the third rank.
If your community is to give you admiration and honor, it is merely necessary to be admirable and honorable.
What was once a high minded and honorable profession seems, at times, something less.
That, speaking globally, is both a privilege and an honorable accomplishment.
Their labor was more necessary and useful than his, and also more honorable and respectable.
He would not trade principles for popularity but he wanted to preserve his position at any honorable price.
With one honorable and merciless exception, he was right.
Certainly, in other respects, they were fortunately placed for a rapid and honorable career.
There's nothing peaceful, or particularly honorable, about that.
Eight additional communities received honorable mentions.
We believe the principles are realistic, honorable, and acceptable.
In some ways a pity, for she occupies an honorable place in literary history.
The subject is in candid fact an old and honorable one-world revolution.
These are not outrageous opinions: they are held by many millions of honorable people.
Seidel's book succeeds with a simple and honorable premise.
The priest there is doing the honorable thing and apologizing.
There were also some movies that got honorable mentions.
The time of the honorable war with them is finished.
But her profession, although equally lucrative, is more honorable.
The goal of that law is honorable: to protect children whose disabilities for too long condemned them to low expectations.

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