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They served their country with honor and dignity.
Nearly every profession publicly honors its top performers with an award.
He is striving to honor the history of his people by being a warrior.
So give respect and honor to him, and it will be returned to you.
Sure, it's an honor just to be nominated.
Institutions that approach the problem of plagiarism as a matter of morality often create honor codes.
They tell stories of people losing their land, their lives, their honor
The company said it will honor all existing contracts.
They seek intelligence, honor, and a keen sense of public interest and public welfare.
He's a recipient of the medal of honor.
Every pseudo-medical technician has his own brand of herbal remedies to cure your brain fuzz and make you an honor-roll star.
Having scientific colleagues name a new species after you can be an honor or an insult, however unintended.
But sometimes a gelatinous namesake can be a dubious honor.
The placement of the body is said to signify honor and bring the dead closer to heaven.
The diamond has the place of honor at the head of the gem collection.
In addition to marking the games themselves, stamps also honor individual athletes who have made significant contributions.
In honor of this new development, let's do a flash mob.
We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much.
Some professors go beyond honor codes to stop misuse of electronic devices.
In the past, many colleges approached student cheating from a moral perspective, through the use and enforcement of honor codes.
We also have to remind students of the university's honor code.
The priest draws sacred symbols in the dust with cornmeal, and rum is poured on the ground to honor the spirits.
Perhaps it was an honor to serve the king in the afterlife, but it was an honor that could wait.
We honor different presidents because of great things they did while they were president.
These include punishment for breaking ancient codes of honor.
They will honor their dead and dust themselves off, and then the engineers will be sent in.
But as law enforcers never tire of observing, crime doesn't honor borders.
Word of his financial plight and failure to honor his commitments spread.
The fact that a theatre was to be named in his honor almost overwhelmed him.
Members of the local government and descendants of the sage took turns at an altar in his honor.
Suddenly, the good tailoring doesn't seem to connote so much honor.
Hotels tend to honor those rates with the intent of satisfying a guest and making the a loyal customer.
What those nations teach us is that pride, honor, quality and profit in manual labor need never fade.
If that makes me an obsessive, it is an honor to be an obsessive.
He did many great things and deserves the honor that he has been given.
Rather it should preclude a nation from that honor as a council promoting peace and good government.
Let us take an oath upon the codes, invest our personal honor in them, and suffer punishment for their violation.
He has told these kids that if they get on the honor roll they're off of the curfew.
He that traverses the list without an adversary may receive the reward of victory, but he has no pretension to the honor.
Some gentlemen seem to have considered it as a point of honor.
Opposite this, on the other raised space, was another seat of honor.
Wisdom and honor are the avenues to a happy immortality.
The smothered cabbage, speckled with nuggets of garlicky sausage, brought high honor to the vegetable kingdom.
The invitation was an honor, but a nerve-wracking one.
The discoloration on some of the areas are badges of honor.
We don't honor and support and uplift our heroes when they're alive.
Firstly, it must be a well-made verbal object that does honor to the language in which it is written.
We all make mistakes, and it is our duty to point out each others' mistakes, for the honor of the profession.
Whatever she actually found there she turned into a metaphor for beauty and aristocracy and honor as she understood the words.
It really is the best way to remember the obscenity of war and to honor the dead.

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