honeysuckle in a sentence

Example sentences for honeysuckle

The warm breeze tickled and teased our noses perfumed with sweet honeysuckle infused with freshly mowed lawns.
They may never have eaten wild strawberries straight from the ground or sucked the juice from a honeysuckle.
She then shows the pupils-and their teacher and the parent volunteers-how to identify the unwanted wild honeysuckle and buckthorn.
If you've got a giant green thicket in your woods, you may have a bush honeysuckle infestation.

Famous quotes containing the word honeysuckle

He with cowslips pale, Primrose, and purple lychnis, decked the green Before my threshold, and my shelving walls With more
Come be my snooky and I will give you a root. That kind of voyage, rank as honeysuckle.... more
So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle Gently entwist; the female ivy so Enrings the barky fingers of t... more
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