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He knew it was honeydew she favored over cantaloupe.
Aphids feed on the milkweed's sap, then secrete honeydew, which ants eat.
But they were as few and far between as a pair of honeydew-secreting aphid rectums hidden in the world's largest ant colony.
When aphids are abundant, honeydew may fall as a mist on automobiles and other objects beneath the infested trees.
The psyllids produce copious amounts of honeydew which stains the ground beneath trees.
The honeydew may attract stinging insects, ants, and other insects and may create a nuisance.
Evidence: profuse honeydew, often with sooty mold beneath infested trees.
When they feed, the aphids excrete large amounts of a sugary liquid called honeydew.
With a large aphid population, the honeydew can completely coat leaves.
Fungi growing on the aphid honeydew deposits cause this discoloration.
Aphids suck sap from plants and turn it into a sugary liquid called honeydew.
We also note that the honeydew does not drop but is propelled away from the mealybug.

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Success to me is having ten honeydew melons, and eating only the top half of each one.... more
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