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Example sentences for honeybee

So it has been harder than it should have been to understand the honeybee.
If these honeybee blues are interpreted as they would be in dogs or horses or humans, then insects might have feelings.
In addition to the zebra swallowtail, other official state insects are the firefly, honeybee and ladybug.
The auditorium offers opportunities for bird-watching and boasts an active honeybee colony.
When a honeybee stings you, the barbs at the end of the stinger catch in the flesh, and the hind end of the bee rips off.
One of the favorite anecdotes for the don't-know-everything crowd involves the flight of the honeybee.
Researchers have long marveled over the dance of the honeybee.
Entomologists struggle to find an alternative to the vanishing honeybee.
Honeybee genome offers clues for fighting diseases.
Researchers have looked into virtually all aspects of honeybee life in search of the culprit behind colony collapse.
Honeybee hives may hold a secret to fighting cavities, researchers say.
Honeybee venom kills cancer cells and the technology will be on the market by next year.
The hive of the honeybee provides a delectable prize for many predators.
Honeybee hives have long provided humans with honey and beeswax.
Decades of disease and overuse of pesticides have put the squeeze on populations of the domesticated honeybee.
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