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Responsibility to our patients and their families for service with integrity and honesty.
In all, his liberating and refreshing honesty makes these pieces as vivacious, original and important as they were 65 years ago.
All through the early years parents try to teach children the values of truth, honesty and sincerity.
It's rare to encounter such honesty about the endless financial comparisons people make behind closed doors.
Thanks for your honesty .
No legacy is so rich as honesty.
The quality in her that appealed, and still appeals, to me most is her total blazing honesty.
Personally, I'm a huge fan of candor and honesty.
In all honesty, I don't compare myself to others.
His honesty makes readers want a full-scale autobiography in place of these miscellaneous bits.
In fact, Henry's honesty and happiness make this a heroic story until the ending, which some may find sentimental.
The niceness of the filming and the apparent honesty of the approach conceal this dark agenda even from open-minded viewers.
Perhaps ironically, honesty goes a long way in here.
Many gardeners in the honesty box business have even abandoned the trade because of thieves.
If anything, the authorship question is about courage and intellectual honesty.
The story's unaffected tact and honesty are admirable.
We know how much credit honesty would have gained him among his opponents.
When boiled down, they amount to little more than questioning the motive-and therefore the honesty-of rats.
And yet there was an uncommon, almost frightening honesty in the relationship.
Its raw honesty, its dedication to marking life as it happens and remembering life as it was, makes it a terrestrial log.
It's refreshing, for once, to see a sitcom relationship that actually seems to be built on mutual respect and honesty.
Given that the country was engaged in a total war for survival, the news was remarkable for its honesty and objectivity.
The cure, in my opinion, is an emerging marketing concept: radical honesty.
It bears on the honesty and built-in bias of some popular online ratings sites.
Her desire for honesty appeared to refute all his delicate and constant manipulations.
Honesty compels us to admit that dishonesty is often a superb innovation strategy.
Scientific honesty is an essential for scientific development.
Derrick is spying and reading somebody's email because he doubts their honesty.
Opening up about your romantic failings may feel awkward, but brutal honesty has its rewards.
The lack of transparency has also given a green light to profiteers to neglect standards, quality, and honesty.
The main task is to restore honesty, clarity and credibility as quickly as possible.
Second is his intellectual honesty, for he admits there are scientific uncertainties concerning dioxins.
Honesty, loyalty and diligence of employee are the factors here.
They give little evidence of honesty in their calculations.
Sports administrators long for new ways to impose honesty.
Instead, they got along by going along and measured their success in terms of loyalty, not honesty.
Ever fearful of his security, he valued loyalty over ability or honesty.
He has a reputation for honesty and an unbending refusal to countenance corruption or pork-barrel politics.
In all honesty though, the private sector could probably do a much better job.
It also does not speak well for the individual's moral conviction of honesty versus deceit.
The only tool the scientific community has is demanding integrity and honesty.
Yet people are buying lie-detection reports, wrapped in the glamour of science, to try to prove their honesty.
Honesty is the basis of effective communication and healthy relationships.
Openness and honesty with both methods and data would be much better.
Instead of collecting ice cores or whatever modern science needs to be working on restoring honesty and ethics.
There is also the whole social promotion of honesty.
First of all, the lack of complete honesty on the part of people advertising themselves online.
Skillful liars try to mimic honesty, as the article suggests.
As the author says, science requires honesty and openness.
Conscientious, ethical journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.
Although she apparently got in with this claim, subsequent events have brought her honesty much into question.
Lack of honesty is intentional and purposeful, and will continue.
In a moment of philosophical honesty, however, the authors of the brief make an important concession.
When otherwise at a loss for a rock to throw, he questions the intellectual honesty of the author.
Afterward, he was admired by a much wider public, as a crusader for honesty and plain speaking in government.
And rural traditions of honesty and trust wouldn't survive the shift to city life.
The brutal honesty of these cases demands a brutally honest response.
Sincerity and honesty carries one through many difficulties which all the arts he can invent would never help him through.
Honesty, capacity, and industry are nowhere more indispensable than in public employment.
It certainly would not have endured the best peace, unless it were made with dignity and with honesty.
All other knowledge is hurtful to him who has not the science of honesty and good nature.
But his consistent provincialism is saved from being disagreeable by his exquisite honesty.
He is possessed of excellent judgment, great coolness and honesty, but he is not good on a pursuit.
There's neither honesty, manhood, nor good fellowship in thee.
His honesty in financial matters was so great that he actually impoverished himself during his administration of the province.
Truth's speakers don't often radiate handsome honesty.
His wages are modest, the building trades go up and down, and-in all honesty-his tastes in motorcycles are a bit extravagant.
Demonstrates complete honesty and integrity in all aspects of the job.
But adjuncts who want to stay in this business cannot afford such brutal honesty.
The lack of honesty that currently exists in our discussions about that question is striking.
Intellectual honesty doesn't have a left or right spin.
The job was in a pharmacy and the questions all had to do with honesty.
Your honesty makes me respect you far less than you think it does.
But in all honesty, he did get his dissertation through.
If the conversation seems to dwell too much on family issues, some honesty and redirection are called for.
The story is peppered with intellectual quips, poignant honesty, and not too mellow sympathy.
His obsession with personal honesty was a cousin to his obsession with fairness.
The whole point of the place is about vigorous, staggering honesty.
He knew that modern society required honesty, transparency and accountability.
She continues to seek ways to pull us toward honesty, truth, goodness and reality.
It's much better to work outside the system where honesty and accountability can be all that matters.
It is impossible to do so with any intellectual honesty.
The true criterion for communicating a scientific concept must be answerable to questions of transparency and honesty.
Thankyou for the honesty re the in- efficacy of this shot for boys.
To pretend otherwise betrays your attempt to have us believe that there is shred of honesty in anything you have to say.
Yet, he owes his accomplishments to genuine transparency and honesty, not sleight of hand.
Anyone who professes intellectual honesty will admit as such.
It may also have something to do with his fairness and intellectual honesty.
Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times.
The survey contained five pairs of methods for teaching the value of honesty.
We maintain our credibility by conducting ourselves with uncompromising honesty and professionalism.
Honesty in all situations is expected and required.

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