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Honestly, humanity in general is a sad and sorry race.
Also, honestly, my arms were getting a little tired.
If people make their money honestly, more power to them no matter who they are.
First the researchers asked participants to respond honestly to a number of spider-related fear tests.
Honestly, some of them don't even know how to get a percentage.
Begin by explaining clearly what it is, because a surprising number of students honestly don't know.
If you can honestly say you've gotten encouragement from foundations or government agencies so much the better.
Not all their admissions decisions are honestly based on likelihood of success.
And honestly, if they've got a detailed rubric they should know how they're doing.
Earlier generations came to the country to build a life honestly.
Lower population of face extinction, honestly its too late now.
The smart money is investing in honestly clean technology.
No one can answer these questions honestly, but they still keep drilling anyway.
And they are self-aware enough to report it honestly in a survey.
Our rights to honestly, organically grown food are being taken from us by the day.
If their singing answer your saying, by my faith, you say honestly.
Success could not be expected at once, but it is something to have honestly, earnestly tried.
Honestly, the lessons of education were becoming too trite.
Indifferent to truth in the transactions of life, he was honestly devoted to truth in the researches of speculation.
Honestly, it's too early to tell from this short glimpse.
Nobody trusts either to use donations honestly or to implement projects efficiently.
But compensation is rarely paid and there are doubts about how honestly its vast budget is spent.
People may not answer questions honestly or they may not take it seriously.
It had something to do with hearing real people talking honestly.
No other country wants to get involved and honestly shouldn't according to the books.
Affairs also garner a ridiculous amount of media attention when people should honestly be caring about bigger and better things.
But the knowing never so intimately and the expressing quite honestly are two different things.
Their thoughts are complicated, and not always honestly expressed.
But, honestly, a lot of us don't go to hear live music that often.
It also spoke honestly to the country's mood, after eight years of war and domestic neglect, with a prospect of long-term decline.
Fed chieftains can't honestly believe that this rate of job growth is consistent with its dual mandate.
To me, writing honestly and speaking honestly as a parent and being forthcoming with emotional business all run together.
Others, more honestly, will say that it is justified as a matter of politics.
He talked about a machine-gunner who worked for him, and honestly he brought me to tears.
But honestly, the basic problems of urban living haven't actually changed all that much in the past two thousand years.
Any national self-examination, any meeting which talked honestly about what the nation had come to, ran straight into the trials.
But eventually all sides must honestly confront the lessons of what went wrong.
The problem of how to cull observations honestly is a constant preoccupation of statisticians and methodologists.
The book's tone often approaches the melodramatic, but it is melodrama honestly come by.
He seems to be honestly unaware of the distinction between fact and fabrication.
Honestly, unfathomable for a single mind to wrap itself around.
Honestly, unless you have some form of thyroid problem, there is no real excuse for being overweight.
Now, honestly ask yourself the question that this inevitably begs.
Do you honestly think a dog cares about what it didnt do at your supermarket.
Many of these people honestly believe that what they are doing is right, but that does not make them right.
It has more to do with region and race, honestly speaking.
But that questioning must be done by science, using a scientific basis, and above all else be done above board and honestly.
We honestly thought it was a tie-in commercial for some electrolyte-rich energy beverage.
But honestly, my blood pressure really is staggeringly good.
He had been saying what he was told to say, as honestly as he could.
Hot button issues between our two agencies exist and they need to be honestly confronted and jointly addressed.
Honestly balance the budget with no fund transfers, payment delays, or gimmicks.
Answer all questions honestly, to the best of your ability.
We ask for you to please complete the following series of questions as accurately and honestly as possible.
Be sure to answer them honestly and to the best of your ability.
We perform our duties honestly, with moral soundness, and with the highest level of ethics.
Our work is vital in maintaining resident trust and confidence that city resources are used effectively and honestly.
Please answer the following questions honestly and accurately.
The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.
More important than their training, you should find someone you can talk with honestly and openly.
It is critical that the applicant answer all questions honestly.
But honestly, it is a smallish price to pay for this movie's many pleasures.

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