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All the real things, the authentic things, the honest things are dying off.
We are a people who conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times.
At the time, I had no clue whether the alleged honor resulted from an honest mistake or a knowing deception.
The solution to this is to be entirely honest with everyone.
Sounds as if you're not being entirely honest.
It is a honest method given by an honest man.
We are going to be honest and direct in our views.
Girls will recognize their own dilemmas here and feel encouraged by the author's honest and sympathetic approach.
It was an honest answer, but I regret its glibness.
Alice emerges as an irresistible heroine, imaginative in her storytelling and painfully honest in her reportage.
Join the gallant coffee lovers who insist on the real satisfaction only honest coffee gives.
To be honest with you, there aren't enough hours in the day.
There are probably plenty more food makers out there who aren't being completely honest about their products.
Honest environmental organizations have been known to commission posters and calendars with these game-farm photos.
Scientists should be both more honest and open minded, though.
Haynes roared with laughter, satisfied that he'd at last provoked an honest expression.
To be honest, it sounds a bit disappointing and depressingly mainstream.
Even an honest miller grows rich with what he prigs.
Honest criticism and sensitive appreciation is directed not upon the poet but upon the poetry.
Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair.
Grumblers thought of yet another government intrusion into the lives of honest, tax-paying citizens.
More important than the choice of calculator or formula is an honest examination of your habits and behaviors.
If deceptive orchids were much more common, their ruses would no longer work, since they depend on the ubiquity of honest flowers.
After a few short years of trying to make it as honest ranchers, the pair again turned to easier ways of getting money.
Which brings me to the content of your comments which, to be honest, left me a bit confused.
And that even parents who preach to their kids about the importance of being honest admit to lying to them as well.
They know there are no significant social downsides to honest responses at their stage of life.
Climate-change deniers seem to believe themselves to be honest torch bearers for real science.
However, defining biofuel strictly as ethanol is a big mistake, albeit an honest one.
And when they got paid off by big money, they sing different tunes than the more honest ones.
First, scientists need to be honest about the scope of science.
Let's be honest: nobody really wants to get a colonoscopy, even if the procedure is crucial in finding nascent tumors.
The last group comes across more honest and stronger.
The dogs approached the honest trainer a little more often than they did the deceiver.
There are good and honest observations in this article.
The authors err when they suppose that both parties are honest actors with honest disagreements.
But let's be honest, a sheep has nothing on a puppy.
More important are the proposed new statutory defences against libel claims: truth, public interest and honest opinion.
Those who oppose genetically modified foods have not always been honest about their possible benefits.
But the deeper ethical problem that economists face is remaining honest with themselves.
Book readers may be an unusually honest lot, but they are not above getting stuff for nothing.
It simply means being honest, and not romantic, about the causes for which they fought.
Legal music-streaming and downloading websites have sprouted, providing many more honest ways of getting hold of music.
It's really the good negative reviews that will give you a more honest picture.
Even with hand-holding from an honest expert, buyers face risks.
Dustbins generally provide a more honest account of their owners' behaviour than do the owners themselves.
Most teaching statements are written by people who-let's be honest-don't really know that much about teaching.
They're honest researchers and dedicated teachers, and some revel in committee work.
It's crucial that you get honest, objective financial advice.
We need to be honest with kids about the shocking truth that, generally, the college choice isn't that important.
Be brutally honest about the challenges, but don't paint a situation as hopeless-and never overpromise.
Being open and honest about your skills, challenges, and strengths is important.
But it dawns on you that it might be an honest expression of emotional pain, perhaps a cry for help.
In politics, our journalists believe, it is better to be savvy than it is to be honest or correct on the facts.
If it becomes too prevalent, then investment will decline as worries mount about finding honest financial consultants.
They are doing honest work that holds together the global financial industry.
But, lets be honest, you're probably not going to do that.
There's simply no way he can be president and be honest with the country about race.
Let's be honest-the best part of escargots is the garlicky, parsley-flecked butter that the snails are cooked in.
Unlike the current opposition to the bill, this is an honest position to take.
They can speak their honest minds without offending.
It means that the revenue burden falls too heavily on honest taxpayers.
Let's be honest, this has been an unusually fun campaign to cover.
It was an opportunity that seemed both amazing and, to be honest, a bit frightening.
Instead, he is a journalist and honest voice who has been more or less cast aside, and he took the opportunity to speak the truth.
From a psychological standpoint it was a bit worrisome how easy this turned out to be, and to be honest it never entirely stopped.
It was part of the honest-singer thing--to sing the notes as they were written.
It doesn't get any more honest, funny, or trenchant than that.
Morandi's eye and mind lived in the surface, marooned there by honest, anxious skepticism.
But what they've done is more squirrely than forcing honest losses on private investors.
We reproduce his response here only in the interest of promoting a full and honest dialogue.
He could gather and shape and edit and at the same time remain an honest broker.
He could poke fun at his own myth brilliantly, and knew how to be honest with a wry smile and wrenching laughter.
It takes a stab at saying something honest in a new way, and has a lot of fun doing it.
Most of us were honest, hardworking people with families.
Be honest on medical forms about your medical history.
It's important to be honest with them and make sure they understand what to expect in the process.
Thanks mostly to the actors, there a flash of honest authenticity.
But it's an honest list, even if it doesn't bring a deserving writer out of obscurity.
There have of course been many scrupulously honest writers.
If she's perfectly honest, she has to admit she doesn't much care for horror movies.
Burnham's poor memory was doubtless an honest mistake.
And let's be honest, many of our great historical scientists had a system of faith.
It was an honest-to-goodness planet circling an honest-to-goodness star.
Her forthright and honest, not to mention scientifically accurate, answer established her geek status even before the pageant.
Once that happens, honest intellectual debate can no longer occur.
Sometimes it is desirable for people to be free of fear of reprisal or stigma in order to invoke honest opinions.
We ought to be honest and say math and science are harder.
If you choose to wear blinders when you read, maybe sites focused on honest research and inquiry are not suitable for you.
It would seem that being honest is an absolute, undebatable state.
The role of the media is to give an honest understanding of reality.
The honest lowdown on travel products, gadgets and trends.
If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you must be honest with yourself.
Be as honest as you can in your ratings of each item.
If you were being really honest, you'd have attributed this to what it was in fact developed for.
Thank you for defending logic and honest scientific methods.

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