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Example sentences for hone

It took him about 15 years to hone his instrumental skills.
The course enables participants to explore backcountry terrain and hone survival skills.
Louie could be a compelling novelist--if only she would hone her storytelling techniques.
But the team is trying to hone the method.
The well-deserved encouragement he received led him to hone his recollections for the theater.
Presenting concepts realistically may improve learning, and hone other skills as well, like attention span.
Insurers are having to hone their investment-management skills if they are to compete in this new environment.
Use the experience to broaden and hone your teaching skills.
Jared played saxophone, and his parents enrolled him in jazz classes to help him hone his skills.
Over the nine years, he has been able to play a wider range of emotions and hone his skills.
Some campers say the experience helped hone social skills required in business.
From time to time he pauses to hone his curved steel blade on the stone he keeps in a belt pouch.

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