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Seattle was too homogeneous, too provincial and too rainy for his taste, he said.
Suburban developments were settled by mostly white families, giving suburbs a homogeneous reputation.
King's nostalgic prescriptions imply a static, homogeneous student body that simply does not exist in most schools today.
The overseas market is not a homogeneous market.
Academics have become a homogeneous group of group-thinkers.
Toronto, once a homogeneous city of staid British tradition, now counts more than 40 percent of the people as foreign born.
The students tend to be privileged, fratty, and relatively homogeneous.
Fashion has done much to transform the globe into a homogeneous market.
Real estate agents say the city is less homogeneous than most Westchester municipalites.
The designers like the idea of having mismatched dishes and flatware for an eclectic, rather than a homogeneous, look.
In a world rapidly growing small and homogeneous, discoveries here are still made on a grand scale.
Global warming has not been shown as a homogeneous effect as of yet.
Scientists are likely to see these conditions as homogeneous whereas, in fact, they have different etiologies and prognoses.
The vast population will continue to mix and become increasingly homogeneous.
Everywhere people bemoan the replacement of the local and the quaint by outposts of big, homogeneous chains.
Its society is relatively homogeneous but grievances abound after four decades of oppression.
Democracy only works in a relatively small and homogeneous society.
And yet, nothing could be more fraudulent than the idea of a homogeneous oeuvre with a single name attached to it.
In the past four decades, the two political parties have become more internally homogeneous and ideologically distant.
The fragmented press now serves smaller but more homogeneous groups.
Across the globe, the literary frame of mind is growing more homogeneous.
Pour over chocolate, and stir until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is homogeneous.
It is homogeneous and expanded rapidly from a small founder group.
The vestibular membrane is thin and homogeneous, and is covered on its upper and under surfaces by a layer of epithelium.

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