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There seems no reason why it should not happen to hominids.
And various other features of hominids' skulls also hint at linguistic ability.
But all humans in the world belong to the same subspecies of hominids.
But the degree to which these hominids walked on the ground has been debated.
For example, many of the best fossils of hominids come from piles of bones near places where predators ate lunch.
Tim said something about hominids seeing this moon rising over water here for millions of years.
Even today researchers argue about what separates modern humans from other, extinct hominids.
The researchers compared the ancient skull and related fossils with the fossils of many other known hominids and primates.
Based on fossils discovered in earlier digs, hominids appear to have lived in the area for nearly six million years.
In addition to the ancient hominids, the site includes fossils of more modern early-human species.
Telltale marks on the bones suggest that the hominids engaged in mortuary rituals.
Researchers therefore compared the molars and body sizes of extinct hominids with modern humans and other primates.
People who today subsist on raw foods rely upon these and other things which were unavailable to early hominids.
Hominids only started appearing in the fossil record comparatively recently.
It also proposes that humans hybridized with other hominids they met as they migrated.
Thus, wearing animal skins greatly improved the hominids' ability to adapt to seasonal climates and to extend range.
At some point hominids learned how to be smart and dominate the best ecosystems on the planet.
No one suggests that the early hominids knew how to build a hearth or even start a fire.
Hominids until modern humans were nomadic after all.
They argue that a change in the receptors on the cells of hominids was the key.
For this to be true, hominids in the same region should look similar to one another.
Early hominids were quite small and even meat eating by scavenging is only established to occur a million years later.
It seems there are climatic changes that may have made movements in and out easy for hominids and animals, at certain times.
While red pandas used their opposable thumbs to eat plants, hominids used them to make stone tools.
Some evidence suggests that at times in our evolution, there were other hominids in the world.

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